Catalogue 2012
Amateur & Consumer Market

(Bear's Breeches)
AC-3250 white flowers tinged with pink on stout spikes, highly ornamental foliage, excellent for landscaping

ACHILLEA millefolium
AC-4986'Flowerburst Lilac Shades F2' (SAHIN 2008) a pleasant cool blend of lilac, rose and pink shaded blooms

ACHILLEA ptarmica
AC-5066'Double Diamond' (SAHIN 2010) mostly double, first year flowering, height 80 cms in second year

(Lily of the Nile)
AG-1130'Snowwhite' (SAHIN 2005) dwarf, pure white form, flowering in one year from seed, for pots and landscape. CS

(Lily of the Nile)
AG-1030'Headbourne Hybrids' shades of blue or white flowers, hardiest of all, deciduous

AGASTACHE aurantiaca
AG-2005'Kiowa Sunset' (SAHIN 2012) butter yellow flowers, scented leaves
AG-2010'Navajo Sunset' (SAHIN 2000) abundant sprays of orange flowers, leaves scented
AG-2020'Sunset Yellow' (SAHIN 2011) wonderful, soft yellow colour, leaves scented
AG-2040'Fragrant Carpet' (SAHIN 2011) compact and uniform mixture including pink, rose, lilac, orange and yellow

(Mosquito Plant)
AG-2060'Heather Queen' (SAHIN 1989) fashionable heather-lilac colour, very showy, aromatic

Agastache foeniculum
see Agastache rugosa

AGASTACHE mexicana
AG-2122'Champagne' (SAHIN 1993) warm, champagne-colour flower spikes with a delightful scent

AGASTACHE pallidiflora subsp. neomexican
AG-2177'Rose Mint' (SAHIN 2008) freely branching, bright lavender-rose, scented flowers produced continuously

(Anise Hyssop)
Syn. Agastache foeniculum
Miscellaneous varieties
AG-2075'Golden Jubilee' (SAHIN 2002) AAS-2003, FS-Q 2002, bright golden foliage, blue flowers

AGASTACHE rupestris
(Sunset Hyssop)
AG-2090'Apache Sunset' (SAHIN 2000) deep orange flowers over aromatic grey foliage

AGERATUM houstonianum
Miscellaneous tall varieties and mixtures
AG-4300'Timeless Mixture' (SAHIN 2003) long stems bear large flowers in purple, pink, blue and white

AGROSTIS nebulosa
(Cloud Grass)
AG-8050 creates an airy look to arrangements and in landscaping, hard to capture on picture

ALCEA ficifolia
(Antwerp Hollyhock)
Syn. Althaea ficifolia
AL-7350'Antwerp Hollyhock' single flowers in various colours, rust tolerant, outstanding

ALCEA rosea
Syn. Althaea rosea
Annual hollyhocks
AL-8553'Blackcurrant Whirl' (SAHIN 2003) blackcurrant, double to semi-double flowers, fading with age
Single-flowered biennial hollyhocks
AL-8850'Jet Black' this is the traditional 'Nigra' with almost black flowers, very ornamental

(Lady's Mantle)
AL-1890'Robustica' (SAHIN 1983) best commercial cut flower form, green-yellow flowers CS

ALLIUM senescens ssp. glaucum
(German Garlic)
Syn. Allium spiralis
AL-3360 ornamental onion with unusual swirling, glaucous leaves. showy, mildly fragrant flowers

Allium spiralis
see Allium senescens ssp. glaucum

ALONSOA warscewiczii
(Mask Flower)
AL-4925'Salmon Beauty' (SAHIN 2008) floriferous, elegant stems with salmon-pink flowers with yellow centre

Althaea ficifolia
see Alcea ficifolia

Althaea rosea
see Alcea rosea

Alyssum saxatile
see Aurinia saxatilis

(Love Lies Bleeding)
AM-0870'Green Cascade' AGM, pendulous, fashionable green-flowered panicles
AM-1515'Coral Fountain' (SAHIN 2004) unusual coral-pink flower heads, superb filler

(Prince's Feather)
Syn. Amaranthus paniculatus
AM-1212'Autumn's Touch' (SAHIN 2001) erect spikes of pistachio-green tipped with bronze, autumn cut flower
AM-1218'Autumn Pallet' (SAHIN 2007) blend of 'Autumn's Touch' and 'Hot Biscuits', excellent for autumn cut flower
AM-1520'Velvet Curtains' (SAHIN 2004) intense crimson foliage and inflorescence

AMARANTHUS gangeticus
(Chinese Spinach)
Syn. Amaranthus tricolor
AM-1000'Illumination' bronze foliage with glowing scarlet with yellow coloured bracts
AM-1020'Molten Fire' colourful foliage plant of glowing crimson
AM-1040'Splendens Perfecta' splendid tricolour foliage, yellow, green and red coloured bracts

Amaranthus paniculatus
see Amaranthus cruentus

Amaranthus tricolor
see Amaranthus gangeticus

AMMI majus
(Queen Anne's Lace)
AM-5750'Snowflake' (SAHIN 1992) classic filler, select, robust strain with large white heads

ANAGALLIS monellii ssp. linifolia
(Blue Pimpernel)
AN-0420'Gentian Blue' (SAHIN 1990) AGM, superb brilliant blue selection

ANTIRRHINUM braun-blanquetii
AN-4310'Lemon Sherbet' (SAHIN 1999) pretty, white and yellow snapdragon, spreading habit, hardy

ANTIRRHINUM majus nanum
Intermediate varieties
AN-6993'Circus Clowns' (SAHIN 1997) jolly mixture of all bicoloured varieties

ANTIRRHINUM majus pumilum
'Mini Snap' series
AN-7670'Mixed Colours' (SAHIN 2001) compact bushy plants, very wide colour range, uniform

APIUM graveolens
AP-3600'Zwolsche Krul' a celery that looks like curly parsley, ornamental and culinary herb

AQUILEGIA canadensis var. nana
AQ-1440'Hummingbird' (SAHIN 2004) attractive dwarf form with red and yellow flowers

AQUILEGIA chrysantha
(Golden Columbine)
AQ-1480'Denver Gold' (SAHIN 2005) golden yellow flowers, long spurs curving inwards towards the corolla

AQUILEGIA longissima
AQ-6290'Yellow Bonnet' (SAHIN 2002) yellow flowers with straight, long spurs

AQUILEGIA skinneri
AQ-6660'Tequila Sunrise' (SAHIN 1996) long-spurred, orange to coral flowers with yellow corolla tips

AQUILEGIA viridiflora
AQ-7500'Chocolate Soldier' (SAHIN 1993) sweetly chocolate scented, green sepals, brown corollas

AQUILEGIA vulgaris
AQ-8208'Aline Fairweather' Nora Barlow type with rose flowers
AQ-8246'Miss M.I. Huish' dark violet double spurless flowers, excellent contrast in borders
AQ-8250'Nora Barlow' double spurless flowers, reddish with greenish tips
AQ-8300'Nora Barlow Mixture' superb mixture of all Nora Barlow type flowers
AQ-8420'Lime Sorbet' (SAHIN 2004) striking lime-green, double spurless flowers, most fashionable
AQ-8480'William Guinness' (SAHIN 1992) sepals almost black, contrasting white corollas
AQ-8590'Sunburst Ruby' wonderful brass-coloured rosettes and deep ruby-red double flowers
AQ-8650'Pink Petticoat' (SAHIN 2008) delightful pink and white double flowers

Arctotis fastuosa
see Venidium fastuosum

ASARINA antirrhiniflora
(Twining Snapdragon)
Syn. Maurandella antirrhiniflora
AS-0600'Coccinea' (SAHIN 1989) easily grown climber, masses of small red flowers
AS-0620'Violacea' (SAHIN 1989) small violet-blue flowers, attractive

ASARINA purpusii
Syn. Maurandya purpusii
AS-0700'Victoria Falls' (SAHIN 1990) salmon-pink flowers on pendulous strong stems, suitable for baskets

ASARINA scandens
(Twining Snapdragon)
Syn. Lophospermum scandens
AS-0710'Joan Loraine' (SAHIN 1990) deep violet-blue, showy and useful, easy climber
AS-0720'Mystic Rose' (SAHIN 1992) medium sized leaves, large bright rose flowers
AS-0735'Sky Blue' (SAHIN 1989) a charming sky-blue, large flowers, free flowering
AS-0740'Snowwhite' (SAHIN 1991) pure white form, fashionable and showy
AS-0750'Formula Mixture' a balanced blend of five colours

ASARINA wislizensis
Syn. Maurandya wislizensis
AS-0775'Red Dragon' (SAHIN 1999) impressive large crimson-red flowers on pendulous shoots, superb for baskets DW

AS-0800'Species Mixture' antirrhiniflora and scandens forms with white, pink, scarlet, violet and sky-blue flowers DW

Asclepias fruticosa
see Gomphocarpus fruticosus

ASCLEPIAS tuberosa
(Butterfly Weed)
AS-1940 bright orange cut flower type, long lasting perennial very adaptable

ASTER alpinus
'Beauty' series
AS-6480'Beauty Mixture' of well matching varieties, including pinks and intermediates

ASTER novi-belgii
(Michaelmas Daisy)
AS-6850'New Hybrids' complete colour range of modern hybrids, showy and long-flowering

AURINIA saxatilis
Syn. Alyssum saxatile
AU-9450'Compactum' deep golden yellow flowers, compact and neat habit

BAPTISIA australis
(Blue False Indigo)
BA-5010 AGM, ornamental glaucous foliage, lupin-like, blue flower spikes
BA-5015'Alba' (SAHIN 2009) immaculate white, lupin-like flowers on bushy plants with trifoliate leaves

BARBAREA vulgaris
BA-5220'Variegata' (SAHIN 2003) highly ornamental, golden variegated leaves 100% true from seed, edible

BEGONIA xtuberhybrida
(Hybrid Tuberous Begonias)
'Royal' series F1 hybrids
BE-5848'Picotee Mixture F1' (SAHIN 1999) of white, cream and yellow with red or salmon edges
'Show Angels' series pendula F1 hybrids
BE-6075'Formula Mixture F1' (SAHIN 1993) of all varieties with bicoloured flowers, superb

BERGENIA cordifolia
(Elephant's Ears)
BE-9362'Winterglow' (SAHIN 2000) glossy foliage chocolate-coloured in winter, rose-red flowers

BE-9450'Chocolate Daisy' vibrant yellow daisies with chocolate stamens and a rich chocolate scent

BETA vulgaris v. cruenta
BE-9555'Albino Reselected' (SAHIN 1998) round white roots, with a good beet flavour
BE-9560'Bulls Blood' (SAHIN 1986) darkest leaved, ornamental and edible beet extensively used as baby leaf
BE-9562'Burpees Golden' non-bleeding, round roots, golden orange flesh, makes good borsch, sweet flavoured leaves

BIDENS ferulifolia
BI-1750'Golden Goddess' (SAHIN 1994) bushy plants with many yellow daisies over a long season

BIDENS humilis
BI-1775'Gold Coins' (SAHIN 2000) prostrate habit, golden yellow flowers over ferny foliage

BORAGO officinalis
BO-2560'Alba' (SAHIN 1996) showy, edible, pure white flowers, cucumber-scented

BRACHYSCOME iberidifolia
(Swan River Daisy)
Miscellaneous varieties
BR-1110'Blue Star' (SAHIN 1993) FS-Q 1993 inrolled petals, violet-blue flowers, very uniform

Bracteantha bracteata
see Helichrysum bracteatum

BR-4320'Moutarde Rouge' (NEW 2011) red mustard, leaves great in babyleaf salad mix adding spicy bite

BROWALLIA americana
(Bush Violet)
BR-6520'Sky Blue' (SAHIN 2004) showy light blue flowers, heat and drought tolerant
BR-6525'Snowwhite' (SAHIN 2004) pure white form, attractive, heat and drought tolerant

BUDDLEJA davidii
(Butterfly Bush)
BU-1650'Violet Butterfly' (SAHIN 1984) best progeny-tested violet seed strain, flowers first year CS
BU-1690'Butterfly Hybrids' (SAHIN 1986) excellent all-colour progeny-tested mixture CS

BUPLEURUM rotundifolium
(Thorow Wax)
BU-5700'Garibaldi' (SAHIN 1993) strong and tall stems, excellent yellow and green filler

(Desert Rockpurslane)
CA-0130'Blanca' (SAHIN 2011) whiteflowering 'red maid', seeds enjoyed by birds, excellent rockgarden plant

CA-0165'Amaranth' the genuine stock, dazzling magenta-crimson, brightens up the garden

CALENDULA officinalis
(Pot Marigold)
'Kablouna' series tall crested varieties
CA-0600'Field Grown Mixture' of all colours GS
'Touch of Red' series tall double varieties
CA-0629'Touch of Red Buff' attractive creamy petals with buff red colouration on the reverse side GS
CA-0638'Touch of Red Orange' attractive orange petals with buff red colouration on the reverse side GS
CA-0650'Touch of Red Mixed' mix with cream, yellow and orange petals with buff red reverse side GS
'Prince' series tall double varieties
CA-0770'Golden Prince' double flowers, upright habit, good for forcing and cutting GS
CA-0776'Indian Prince' (SAHIN 1983) upright habit, rays dark orange above, mahogany beneath GS
CA-0785'Orange Prince' double, clean traditional orange, upright habit, good for forcing GS
Miscellaneous tall varieties and mixtures
CA-0972'Neon' (SAHIN 2005) ultra double flowers with densely set deep orange petals edged in burgundy GS
CA-0976'Orange Porcupine' (SAHIN 2001) closely set, quilled petals forming spiky flowers, uniform and floriferous GS
CA-0978'Pink Surprise' fully double, salmon-pink flowers with a touch of orange, flowers over a long season GS
CA-1000'Cutflower Mixture' a colourful and diverse mixture of tall varieties in many shapes and colours GS

CALENDULA officinalis nana
'Daisy' series dwarf single varieties
CA-0860'Apricot Daisy' (SAHIN 2002) compact plants, covered with daisy-like apricot-orange flowers GS
CA-0865'Golden Daisy' (SAHIN 2002) compact plants, covered with daisy-like golden-yellow flowers GS
CA-0870'Orange Daisy' (SAHIN 2002) compact plants, covered with daisy-like bright orange flowers GS
CA-0875'Lemon Daisy' (SAHIN 2002) compact plants, covered with daisy-like flowers in shades of lemon-yellow GS
CA-0880'Formula Mixture' (SAHIN 2002) of separate colours, single daisy-like flowers GS
'Pygmy' series dwarf double varieties
CA-0800'Apricot Pygmy' double, uniform and early, apricot shades GS
CA-0805'Cream Pygmy' extra-double, uniform and early, desirable modern colour GS
CA-0810'Golden Pygmy' double, uniform and early, golden yellow with dark centre GS
CA-0815'Orange Pygmy' extra-double, uniform and early, classic orange marigold colour GS
CA-0825'Formula Mixture' a fine and uniform formula blend of the four colours GS
Miscellaneous dwarf varieties and mixtures
CA-0910'Candyman Orange' large, fully double, deep orange flowers, impressive garden performance GS
CA-0920'Candyman Yellow' bright yellow, large double flowers, long flowering season GS

(Chinese Aster)
'Starlight' series dwarf varieties
CA-1730'Blue' (Dittmar 1992) FS-Q 1992 compact, base-branching, large spider-type flowers, early
CA-1735'Light Pink' (Dittmar 2003) FS-Q 2003 compact, base-branching, large spider-type flowers, early
CA-1739'Powder Blue' light blue, compact, base-branching, large spider-type flowers, early
CA-1741'Purple' compact, base-branching, large spider-type flowers, early
CA-1743'Rose' (Dittmar 1992) FS-GM 1992 compact, base-branching, large spider-type flowers, early
CA-1745'Scarlet' (Dittmar 1993) FS-Q 1993 compact, base-branching, large spider-type flowers, early
CA-1749'Formula Mixture' a mixture of separate colours, compact, base-branching, large spider-type flowers, early
'Contraster' series dwarf varieties
CA-1680'Pink' (SAHIN 2002) chrysanthemum-type flowers with neatly striped pink and white incurved petals
CA-1685'Red' (SAHIN 2001) flowers chrysanthemum-type, dwarf plants, neatly striped petals
'Milady' series dwarf varieties
CA-1675'Field Grown Mixture' mixed colours, uniform bushy plants with large round chrysanthemum-like flowers
'Lilliput Size' series tall double varieties
CA-3078'Blue Moon' (SAHIN 1992) upright habit, fully double, small pompon flowers, white with blue centres
CA-3084'Hi-no-Maru' (SAHIN 1992) upright habit, fully double, small pompon flowers, white with red centres
CA-3097'Moonshine Mixture' (SAHIN 1992) a blend of the small pompon flowered 'Blue Moon' and 'Hi-no-Maru'
'Pompon' series tall double varieties
CA-3368'Gusford Supreme' bright red with white centres, globe-shaped flowers with quilled petals
CA-3386'Ruckley Supreme' light blue with white centres, globe-shaped flowers with quilled petals
CA-3400'Field Grown Mixture' a great mixture of globe-shaped flowers with quilled petals, one colour and bicolours
'Sahin's Matsumoto selections' tall semi double varieties
CA-2181'Red Striped' (SAHIN 2005) semi-double flowers, upright habit, red flowers with white stripes
CA-2190'Violet Striped' semi-double flowers, upright habit, violet blue flowers with white stripes
'King Size' series tall double varieties
CA-2977'Appleblossom' upright tall stems, fully double large flowers
CA-2979'Apricot' unusual orange-apricot colour, fully double large flowers
CA-2983'Mid Blue' medium depth, true blue, fully double large flowers
CA-2987'Pink' fully double large flowers
CA-2989'Red' fully double large flowers
CA-2991'Rose' deep rose colour, extra large double flowers, upright plant habit, superb
CA-2995'White' fully double large flowers
CA-2999'Formula Mixture' of all colours, superb strain, fully double large flowers
Miscellaneous varieties and mixtures
CA-2200'Cutflower Assortment' (SAHIN 1998) fine mixture of long-stemmed varieties from all series, lovely for picking
CA-2295'Summer Bouquet Mixed' (SAHIN 2010) early Matsumoto-type, mix of red and rose shades with cool white

CAMPANULA lactiflora
CA-5595'New Hybrids' whites, pinks and blue shades, superb show

CAMPANULA ramosissima
CA-6600'Meteora' (SAHIN 2004) bushy plants covered in star-shaped, blue flowers with white centres PL

CA-8665'Blue Myth' (SAHIN 2005) showy clusters of vibrant blue flowers against greyish aromatic foliage

CELOSIA spicata
CE-4295'Xantippe' (SAHIN 1994) FS-Q 1994, early flowering, erect flower heads, pink fading to silver

CENTAUREA cyanoides
CE-5650'Blue Carpet' (SAHIN 2002) spreading plants with greyish leaves, covered with small blue cornflowers

'Midget' series dwarf varieties
CE-5580'Blue Midget' (SAHIN 1991) dwarf, base-branching, uniform, double blue flowers
CE-5582'Lilac Midget' (SAHIN 2010) dwarf, base-branching, uniform, double lavender-lilac flowers
CE-5585'Purple Midget' (SAHIN 1996) uniform, double, rich purple flowers
CE-5590'Red Midget' (SAHIN 1993) dwarf, base-branching uniform double red
CE-5593'Snow Midget' (SAHIN 1991) uniform, pure white double flowers
CE-5600'Field Grown Mixture' (SAHIN 1994) FS-Q 1994 mixture of the separate colours and pastel shades
'Standard' series tall double varieties
CE-4977'Black Boy' extra-select stock of deep maroon, double flowers
CE-4990'Red Boy' rose carmine, good doubleness, the old-fashioned red cornflower
CE-4993'Snowman' the pure white double cornflower, very attractive and fashionable
CE-4997'Frosted Queen Mixed Colours' extra-select, very varied double bicolour mixture, unique effect

CENTRATHERUM intermedium
(Brazilian Bachelor Button)
CE-7200'Pineapple Sangria' (SAHIN 2007) violet-purple button-like flowers, foliage has a scent of pineapple

CERINTHE major purpurascens
CE-9760'Kiwi Blue' (SAHIN 1998) brilliant blue-tinged bracts and stems, purple flowers
CE-9770'Pride of Gibraltar' (SAHIN 1997) blue tinged stems with pendulous purple flowers

(Strawberry Blite)
CH-4270 (SAHIN 2000) large fleshy red fruits look like strawberries, good potplant

CH-4300 small red fruits, leafy, less spectacular than C. capitatum

(Annual Painted Daisy)
Syn. Ismelia carinata
CH-6220'Cockade' white with contrasting rings of red and yellow
CH-6230'Flame Shades' warm harmonious shades of red
CH-6240'John Bright' golden-yellow with contrasting dark centre
CH-6260'Polar Star' tetraploid, pure white with yellow ring around a dark centre, large-flowered

Chrysanthemum coccineum
see Tanacetum coccineum

Chrysanthemum maximum
see Leucanthemum xsuperbum

Syn. Coleostephus myconis
CH-8187'Moonlight' (SAHIN 1994) FS-Q 1994 cool lemon-yellow flowers
CH-8190'Sunlight' (SAHIN 1990) select stock, golden yellow flowers

Chrysanthemum paludosum
see Leucanthemum paludosum

Chrysanthemum parthenium
see Tanacetum parthenium

CISANTHE grandiflora
CI-6500'Brightness' (SAHIN 2008) basal silver-green rosettes with branching stems bearing bright pink flowers

Clarkia amoena
see Godetia amoena

CLARKIA concinna
Syn. Eucharidium concinnum
CL-1500'Pink Ribbons' spidery, purplish pink flowers, base branching, refined yet showy

CLARKIA pulchella
CL-2440'Passion for Purple' (SAHIN 1996) charming, deeply incised lilac-purple flowers, produced in profusion
CL-2450'Snowflake' (SAHIN 1992) deeply incised petals like pure white snowflakes, produced in profusion
CL-2499'Fairy Mixture' fashionable mix of purple and white

Clarkia rubicunda
see Godetia rubicunda

CLEMATIS chiisanensis
CL-3037'Korean Beauty' (SAHIN 2001) pale yellow, nodding bells, reddish at base, attractive silvery seed heads CS

CLEMATIS mandshurica
Syn. Clematis recta var.mandshurica
CL-3107 upright stems with multi-flowered panicles of scented creamy-white flowers CS

Clematis recta var.mandshurica
see Clematis mandshurica

CL-3070'Helios' (SAHIN 1990) hybrid, lantern-like yellow blooms, flowers early, abundantly and long CS

COBAEA scandens
(Cup and Saucer Vine)
CO-0100 AGM, vigorous showy climber with many large violet flowers, easily grown vine plant
CO-0110'Alba' AGM, vigorous showy climber with many large pure white flowers, easily grown vine plant

Coleostephus myconis
see Chrysanthemum multicaule

COMMELINA coelestis
(Spiderwort Blue)
CO-3400'Blue' brilliant blue flowers with three rounded petals, almost starry shaped, pepetual flowering
CO-3415'Alba' with three rounded petals, white flowers, almost starry shaped, pepetual flowering
CO-3420'Lilac' with three rounded petals, lilac flowers, almost starry shaped, perpetual flowering
CO-3499'Formula Mixture' well balanced mixture of the above colours

CO-3796'Bicolour Cloud' (SAHIN 2001) bushy well branched, self-cleaning filler, violet-blue and white flowers
CO-3800'Blue Cloud' (SAHIN 1983) bushy plants, bear masses of violet-blue flowers, excellent filler
CO-3810'Snow Cloud' (SAHIN 1993) self-cleaning filler, masses of pure white flowers
CO-3850'Cloudy Skies' (SAHIN 2001) attractive mixture of above and more colours, elegant as a filler

COREOPSIS xhybrida
'Incredible!' series
CO-5920'Incredible! Dwarf Mix' (SAHIN 2012) dwarfest variety within 'Incredible!' series, contains wide range of colours.
CO-5930'Incredible! Mid Mix' (SAHIN 2011) as amazing as Tall Mix, just a bit shorter
CO-5950'Incredible! Tall Mix' (SAHIN 2010) intensive breeding has resulted in new colours in this seed raised variety

COREOPSIS tinctoria
Dwarf varieties
CO-5785'Gold Star' (SAHIN 1989) dwarf plants covered with golden yellow flowers, good for borders
CO-5790'Mahogany Midget' (SAHIN 1989) FS-N 1989, dwarf plants covered with mahogany-red flowers, long blooming
Tall varieties
CO-5850'Mardi Gras' (SAHIN 1996) FS-Q 1996 a festive mix of ruby-red and golden flowers, star-shaped petals
CO-5870'Sea Shells Gold' (SAHIN 2001) selection with golden-yellow tubular petals, long flowering season
CO-5880'Sea Shells Red' (SAHIN 2008) selection with mahogany-red tubular petals, long flowering season
CO-5890'Sea Shells Mixed' (SAHIN 2008) mix of bicoloured, red and yellow tubular flowers, long flowering season

COSMIDIUM burridgeanum
Syn. Thelesperma burridgeana
CO-8850'Brunette' attractive golden yellow daisies with mahogany ring, superbly uniform

COSMOS bipinnatus
'Fizzy' series
CO-9118'Fizzy Pink' (SAHIN 2011) lovely pink addition to the series with semi-double flowers
CO-9120'Fizzy Pink Dark Centre' (SAHIN 2011) semi-double pink flower with attractive dark centre
CO-9125'Fizzy Rose Picotee' (SAHIN 2009) exciting new Cosmos with semi-double, rosy white flowers with ruby edge
CO-9135'Fizzy White Picotee' (SAHIN 2009) elegant beauty of white, semi-double flowers with a pink picotee effect
CO-9145'Fizzy White' (SAHIN 2007) wonderful, clear white, semi-double flowers
CO-9150'Fizzy Formula Mixture' (SAHIN 2010) bubbling mixture of the several separate colours
'Gazebo' series
CO-9018'Pink' (SAHIN 1996) large pink flowers on bushy plants of intermediate height
CO-9020'Red' (SAHIN 1996) large red flowers on bushy plants of intermediate height
CO-9022'White' (SAHIN 1996) large white flowers on bushy plants of intermediate height
CO-9024'Formula Mixture' (SAHIN 1996) of the above colours in a balanced blend
CO-9025'Field Grown Mixture' of all colours, bushy habit, early
'Sea Shells' series
CO-9180'Sea Shells Red' (SAHIN 2008) trumpet-shaped ruby-red rays, floriferous with excellent uniformity
CO-9200'Sea Shells Mixture' (SAHIN 1986) our unique mixture with trumpet-like rays, very attractive
'Sensation' series
CO-8977'Albatross' very early pure white selection
CO-8979'Daydream' (SAHIN 1988) attractive colour combination, palest pink with a rose central ring, very early
CO-8980'Dazzler' bright crimson-red, early
CO-8988'Picotee' (SAHIN 1987) white flowers with rose to red picotee edges and veining
CO-8989'Pinkie' AGM, rose-pink with a tinge of lilac, early
CO-9000'Field Grown Mixture' grown as a mixture, extra-early, some intermediate colours
Miscellaneous varieties and mixtures
CO-9299'All Sorts Mixture' of mostly tall varieties suitable for cutting, gives a magnificent display

COSMOS sulphureus
'Brightness' series dwarf, floriferous with duplex flowers
CO-9665'Gold' (SAHIN 2009) bright golden, duplex flowers produced in profusion, suitable for pots and bedding
CO-9670'Lemon' (SAHIN 2009) bright lemon daisies, produced in profusion, suitable for pots and bedding
CO-9675'Orange' (SAHIN 2009) bright orange, duplex flowers produced in profusion, for pots and bedding
CO-9680'Red' (SAHIN 2010) bright red, duplex flowers produced in profusion, for pots and bedding
CO-9699'Formula Mixture' (SAHIN 2009) bright mixture of freely blooming, easy to grow, pot and bedding plants

CR-2000'Drumstick' (SAHIN 1983) tall stems with terminal golden spherical flower heads CT

Cucurbita lagenaria
see Lagenaria siceraria

'Winter Squash, Edible'
CU-2880'Triamble' superb grey-blue fruits of triangular shape, long lasting
Ornamental Gourds large
CU-2180'Turk's Turban' large multicoloured turban-shaped fruits, very ornamental
Ornamental Gourds small
CU-2310'Aladdin' small striped green, yellow and red turban-shaped fruits on compact plants

Cucurbita pepo
'Winter Squash, Edible'
CU-2885'Vegetable Spaghetti' (NEW 2011) cook whole and scoop out the strands, dress like any regular spaghetti
Ornamental Gourds small
CU-2320'Ball Bicolor' nice striped rounded small fruits, suitable for varnishing
CU-2330'Ball Orange' round orange fruits
CU-2350'Crown of Thorns' wonderful green and creamy white fruits with five incurved horns
CU-2360'Spinning Gourd' smallest pear-shaped fruit, grey-green stripes on green, hard shell when dry
CU-2410'Pear Bicolor' green and orange-yellow pear-shaped fruits
CU-2450'Ten Commandments' mixture of striped, mottled and multicoloured horned fruits
CU-2470'Warted Mixture' mixture of warted fruits, many bicolours

CU-3000'Formula Mixture Gourds Small' mixture of small-fruited ornamental gourds

CYCLAMEN hederifolium
CY-1120'Mixed' mixture of whites and pinks with a variety of leaf forms and patterns, autumn flowering
'Speedy' series, fast flowering
CY-1130'Rose' (SAHIN 2007) unique first year flowering strain, rose flowers
CY-1132'White' (SAHIN 2007) unique first year flowering strain, white flowers
CY-1134'Silver Rose' (SAHIN 2007) unique first year flowering strain, silver leaves, rose flowers
CY-1136'Silver White' (SAHIN 2007) unique first year flowering strain, silver leaves, white flowers

(Lemon Grass)
CY-7010'Lemon Grass' lemon grass, much used in oriental cooking CS

CYNARA cardunculus
CY-7150'Porto Spineless' medium size artichoke flowers with green tinged purple bracts, spineless, for cut flower

(Chinese Forget-Me-Not)
CY-7410'Mystery Rose' (SAHIN 1994) FS-Q 1994 extra-tall, rose-pink flowers, suitable for cutting

CYNOGLOSSUM zeylanicum
CY-7600'Chill Out' (SAHIN 2004) a cool mixture of brilliant blue and white flowers, long flowering season

DAHLIA variabilis
Dwarf double varieties
DA-0425'Bambino Improved' (SAHIN 2003) early, uniform in full colour range
DA-0550'Redskin' (Waller) AAS-1975 dark leaved, fine colour range
Semi-dwarf varieties
DA-0850'Dandy Mixed Colours' collarette-type flowers in a wide colour range
Tall varieties
DA-1200'Bishop's Children' (SAHIN 1997) single flowers in rich colours, best seed strain in 2005 BBC Trials
DA-1250'Cactus Flowered' semi-doubles and doubles, fine colour-range

DATURA metel
(Horn of Plenty)
'Ballerina' series
DA-7235'Purple' (SAHIN 1998) magnificent double, upfacing, purple trumpets, fragrant, superb pot plant
DA-7240'White' (SAHIN 1998) magnificent double, upfacing, white trumpets, fragrant, superb pot plant
DA-7245'Yellow' (SAHIN 1998) magnificent double, upfacing, soft yellow trumpets, fragrant, superb pot plant
DA-7249'Formula Mixture' (SAHIN 1998) mixture of the three colours, double, upfacing trumpets, flowers fragrant

DAUCUS carota
DA-7800'Purple Dragon' uniquely coloured carrot, deep purple skin with orange to yellow flesh

DE-3000'Table Mountain' (SAHIN 2005) purple-red Mesembrianthemum-like flowers on flat growing plants MP

DELOSPERMA floribunda
DE-3200'Stardust' (SAHIN 2007) mat-forming, succulent plants, masses of lilac-purple flowers, white centres MP

DELPHINIUM xbelladonna
DE-4035'Cliveden Beauty' clear sky-blue single flowers, elegant and fashionable
DE-4050'Oriental Blue' (SAHIN 1990) own selection from 'Volkerfrieden', gentian-blue flowers, does not fade
DE-4080'Steichen Strain' mixed colours, whites, blues, lavenders and violets, butterfly-like flowers

DELPHINIUM consolida
'Fancy' series, tall cut flower varieties
DE-5070'Blue Purple' (SAHIN 2012) amazing color combination of purple and blue
DE-5080'Purple Picotee' (SAHIN 2011) wonderful double flower with fancy picotee effect
DE-5090'Rose Striped' (SAHIN 2011) pink, rose and red double flowers all showing stripes on the petals
'Giant Imperial' series
DE-4930'Frosted Skies' (SAHIN 2003) improved form of FS-Q '93 winner, white with blue flames
DE-4936'Misty Lavender' (SAHIN 2010) slate grey double flowers, closely set on the strong upright stems
DE-4999'Formula Mixture' of the separate colours some additional ones
'King Size' series
DE-5392'Scarlet' (SAHIN 2001) long strong stems, large scarlet double flowers, excellent cut flower

DELPHINIUM xcultorum
'Centurion' series F1 hybrids
DE-7299'Formula Mixture F1' mixture of first class varieties for florists and garden use
'New Century' series hybrids
DE-7500'Dreaming Spires F2' (SAHIN 1980) mixture of all possible colours and colour combinations, superb
'Pacific Giants' series regular quality
DE-6250'Field Grown Mixture' mostly blue, white and rose shades
'Raider' series F1 hybrids
DE-7250'Raider Blue F1' (SAHIN 2010) stunning bi-colour blue with white bee
DE-7255'Raider Pink Shades F1' (SAHIN 2010) superb spikes in shades of pink, rose and lavenders with white bees
DE-7310'Mixed F1' (SAHIN 2010) Sahin's high quality, economic choice with superb garden performance

DIANTHUS amurensis
DI-0290'Siberian Blues' (SAHIN 1990) cushion-forming plants with the most blue flowers of all Dianthus

DIANTHUS barbatus
DI-0795'Kaleidoscope Mix' (SAHIN 2011) bicolour mix including pink, lilac, rose, florets change colour as flower matures
DI-0950'Electron' re-introduction of this superb mixture, all colours with a contrasting eye
'Hollandia' series annual tall Sweet Williams
DI-0420'Homeland' (SAHIN 1990) classic dark blood-red with conspicuous white centre
DI-0440'Salmon-Pink with Eye' (SAHIN 1992) salmon-pink flowers with white centres
DI-0450'Scarlet' (SAHIN 1990) brilliant scarlet flowers
DI-0470'White' (SAHIN 1990) pure white
DI-0499'Formula Mixture' of four colours
DI-0500'Complete Mixture' (SAHIN 1990) FS-Q 1991, a superb colour range of Sweet Williams, flowers first year
Annual dwarf Sweet Williams
DI-0550'Rondo' superb bedding type in extensive colour range, long blooming season, quick to flower
DI-0560'Black Adder' (SAHIN 2005) crimson flowers over dark foliage, quick to flower
Biennial tall Sweet Williams double-flowered varieties
DI-0650'Cottage Perfume' (SAHIN 2008) excellent strain, high percentage of doubles in a superb colour range

DIANTHUS barbatus x caryophyllus
DI-1000'Sangora Mixture' (SAHIN 1987) wide colour-range of intricately marked flowers, very floriferous

DIANTHUS barbatus x chinensis
Miscellaneous varieties and mixtures
DI-2800'Large Flowering Hybrids' (SAHIN 2009) compact mix of large, bicoloured flowers, good for pots and bedding
DI-2840'Kensington Mix' (SAHIN 2010) unique double, bicolour mixture, compact habit, excellent garden performance

DIANTHUS chinensis var. heddewigii
DI-2110'Black and White Minstrels' (SAHIN 1990) large double black and white flowers, striking combination

DIANTHUS deltoides
(Maiden Pink)
DI-3094'Zing Rose' dense bushy plants with bright pink flowers

DIANTHUS xhybridus
DI-3300'Rainbow Loveliness' (SAHIN 1994) mixed colours, heavenly fragrant, elegantly fringed flowers
DI-3325'Spooky' (SAHIN 1995) long-fringed petals, striking appearance, white, pink and rose shades

DIANTHUS plumarius
(Cottage Pink)
DI-3880'Romance Mixture' finest strain of single-flowered pinks with the broadest colour range in striking combinations

DIASCIA barbarae
DI-5000'Apricot Queen' (SAHIN 2000) FS-Q 1999, apricot-salmon
DI-5005'Pink Queen' (SAHIN 1987) abundance of long-spurred pink flowers

DIASCIA fetcaniensis
DI-5110'African Queen' (SAHIN 2009) creeping, long flowering, covered with rose-pink flowers, rockgarden plant

DICENTRA scandens
(Bleeding Heart)
DI-5220'Golden Tears' (SAHIN 2001) choice climber, masses of yellow flowers, leaves finely dissected

DICRANOSTIGMA franchetianum
DI-5750 (SAHIN 1993) branched stems, bear large, deep yellow, poppy-like flowers, glaucous foliage

DIDISCUS caeruleus
(Blue Lace Flower)
Syn. Trachymene caerulea
DI-6350'Lace Mixture' of the three colours, creates a wonderful soft and gentle effect in the garden and in bouquets

DIGITALIS xhybrida
DI-7166'Pam's Split' (SAHIN 2010) unique hybrid selection from Pam's Choice with split lower petals

DIGITALIS xmertonensis
DI-6850 AGM, tetraploid hybrid, large impressive raspberry-rose campanulate flowers on dense spikes

DIGITALIS purpurea
DI-7165'Pam's Choice' white with solid dark red blotch in throat, an impressive stature
'Candy Mountain' series, upfacing flowers, biennial
DI-7228'Peach' (SAHIN 2011) upfacing, peach flowers turning lilac as flowers mature
DI-7230'Rose' (SAHIN 2005) unique, compact plants, upfacing flowers around the spike in rose shades
DI-7235'Candy Mountain White' (SAHIN 2012) white upfacing flowers around the spike, with purple spots
DI-7236'Candy M Yellow' (SAHIN 2012) upfacing cream to light yellow flowers with purple spots
DI-7237'Mixed' (SAHIN 2010) wonderful mixture, upfacing flowers around the stem, compact plants
Standard Kinds - one-sided flowering
DI-7175'Sutton's Apricot' AGM, lovely fashionable colour, excellent for cutting

DIGITALIS purpurea annua
(Foxglove Annual)
DI-7210'Bondana Mix' (SAHIN 2010) early flowering mix of pastels, prolong flowering by harvesting stems

DIGITALIS purpurea ssp heywoodii
DI-7225'Silver Fox' (SAHIN 2003) attractive silver-felted plants produce several spikes carrying white flowers
DI-7226'Silver Fox Improved' (SAHIN 2011) more compact, uniform and better branching, for potplant production

DI-7250'Spanish Peaks' (SAHIN 2001) elegant short stems with salmon- pink bells, good pot plant, long bloomer

(Weather Prophet)
DI-7850'Glistening White' pure white with black centres, the classic white Dimorphotheca
DI-7875'Tetra Polar Star' purest white with blue centres, large flowers, strong habit

(Hyacinth Bean)
Syn. Lablab purpureus
DO-3030'Ruby Moon' (SAHIN 1993) FS-Q 1993 showy climber, purple foliage, flowers and pods, good pot plant

DOROTHEANTHUS bellidiformis
(Livingstone Daisy)
Syn. Mesembryanthemum criniflorum
DO-6020'Sparkles Mixture' (SAHIN 1992) a mixture of bright and strong colours, dazzling in the sun

Syn. Lallemanyia canescens
DR-2930'Blue Bird' (SAHIN 2004) grey-blue hairy plant with several ascending stems, lavender-blue flowers

DR-2950'Blue Dragon' clear violet-blue flowers in erect spikes all summer, scented foliage
DR-2955'Snow Dragon' (SAHIN 1993) pure white flowers on erect spikes, scented foliage, superb plant
DR-2959'Dragon Mixture' (SAHIN 1999) a fresh mixture of blue and white, scented foliage, a magnet for bees

(Chilean Glory Flower)
EC-2499'Tresco Formula Mixture' elegant climber with clusters of tubular flowers in tropical shades

ECHINACEA xhybrida
EC-6499'Paradiso' (SAHIN 2008) improved stock with better ratio of first year flowering colours

ECHINACEA paradoxa
(Yellow Cone Flower)
EC-6248 flowers with bright yellow hanging petals, around brown cones, popular perennial

ECHINACEA purpurea
(Purple Coneflower)
EC-6300'Lustre Hybrids' (SAHIN 1990) mixed colours, complete colour range, pure white through deep red

EMILIA coccinea
(Tassel Flower)
Syn. Emilia flammea
EM-5975'Scarlet Magic' (SAHIN 1984) small orange-scarlet flowers, wonderful strong colour

Emilia flammea
see Emilia coccinea

(Weeping Love Grass)
ER-0359'Weeping Love' (SAHIN 2005) densely tufted grass bearing nodding, open panicles

ERAGROSTIS elliottii
(Blue Love Grass)
ER-0370'Blue Eros' (SAHIN 2003) attractive grey-blue leaves and plumes CS

ERODIUM pelargoniiflorum
Syn. Erodium trifolium
ER-6200'Sweetheart' (SAHIN 2005) cute, rose-spotted white flowers produced over a long season SC

Erodium trifolium
see Erodium pelargoniiflorum

ERUCA sativa
ER-6510'Apollo' (SAHIN 2002) rounded leaves, excellent for salads, high in vitamin C

ESCHSCHOLZIA californica
(California Poppy)
'Bush' series
ES-3960'Pink Bush' (SAHIN 1996) FS-Q 1996, AGM, flowers in shades of pink over bluish foliage
ES-4365'Fire Bush' (SAHIN 1984) fiery orange-scarlet, long-flowering season, semi-double
ES-4369'Butter Bush' (SAHIN 2009) single to semi-double, butter yellow in the centre fading to lemon at the edges
ES-4385'Rose Bush' (SAHIN 1982) bright carmine-rose, abundant bloomer, tufted habit
ES-4397'Bush Mixture' (SAHIN 2008) mixture of the separate colours
'XL' series extra large and full double flowers
ES-4450'Peach Strawberry' (SAHIN 2012) fully double and extra large flowers in peach strawberry colour
'Thai Silk' series
ES-3910'Apricot Chiffon' (SAHIN 1994) FS-Q 1994, AGM, cream-yellow base with intense coral edging
ES-4354'Appleblossom Chiffon Improved' (SAHIN 2010) extra double, beautiful silvery-pink flowers
ES-4370'Milkmaid' (SAHIN 1995) FS-Q 1995, profuse soft cream semi-double flowers
ES-4378'Pink Champagne' (SAHIN 2008) unique soft champagne-pink on a cream base, extra double flowers
ES-4388'Rose Chiffon' (SAHIN 2008) wonderful, rose-cream, semi-double flowers
ES-4396'Chiffon Mixture' (SAHIN 2008) a wonderful mixture of all the 'Chiffon' colours
ES-4398'Strawberry Fields' (SAHIN 2003) yellow base with intense red edging
ES-4399'Formula Mixture' AGM, of the separate varieties
ES-4400'Field Grown Mixture' (SAHIN 1993) complete colour range, good habit
Miscellaneous mixtures
ES-4500'Jelly Beans' (SAHIN 2008) brightest mix of large, double flowers in shades of orange, rose, salmon and gold

EU-0555'Baby Blue Spiral' (SAHIN 1982) standard in quality foliage, round blue leaves, coppice, mostly juvenile CS
EU-0590'Boxwood' (SAHIN 1998) AGM, green-leaved, ideal filler, superb quality cut foliage, hardy, coppice CS
EU-0700'Lemon Bush' for container growing, strong lemon fragrance, insect repellent CS
EU-0805'Silver Drop' (Mauser 1981) AGM, amongst the hardiest, one of the standards in the industry, coppice CS

Eucharidium concinnum
see Clarkia concinna

FELICIA heterophylla
(Blue Daisy)
FE-4700'Blue Skies' (SAHIN 1985) sky-blue daisies all summer long, dark centres

FO-5000'Smokey' (SAHIN 1982) red-leaved fennel, bronze-tinged flowers, use as herb and for landscaping

(Wild Strawberry)
FR-0560'Red Wonder' large elongated red fruits, sweet and aromatic, long season
FR-0580'Yellow Wonder' yellow fruits, best taste of all, birds do not touch

GAURA lindheimeri
GA-8500'The Bride' AGM, elegant spikes of white flowers tinged pink, easy, yet graceful in modern landscaping

GAZANIA krebsiana
GA-9550'Orange Peacock' (SAHIN 1994) pure orange, compact and early, distinct RS

GERANIUM albanum
GE-4850'Pink Candy' (SAHIN 2004) bright pink flowers with darker magenta veins on trailing stems, good ground cover

GERANIUM bohemicum
GE-4950'Blue Rhapsody' (SAHIN 2003) attractive annual with good blue flowers, quick to flower

GERANIUM pratense
(Meadow Cranesbill)
GE-5100'Pastel Palette' (SAHIN 2003) beautiful pale blue, pink and white flowers all summer long, showy foliage

GERANIUM sanguineum
(Bloody Cranesbill)
GE-5250 purplish red flowers over very deeply cut leaves, a beautiful plant
GE-5252'Album' AGM, masses of pure white flowers over dark green foliage, excellent for landscaping
GE-5255'Striatum' lilac-pink flowers with darker veins over dark green foliage

GERANIUM wallichianum
GE-5350'Buxton's Variety' AGM, pink round blooms changing into blue with white centres over reddish leaves

GEUM chiloense
GE-8995'Red Dragon' (SAHIN 2003) large fully double scarlet flowers, superb selection CS

(Soya Bean)
GL-7979'Fiskeby V' reintroduction of this heirloom soya, good yields in northern Europe

GODETIA amoena
(Satin Flower)
Syn. Clarkia amoena
Dwarf single varieties
GO-1299'Charivari' (SAHIN 1996) full colour range including bicolours, uniform habit, early-flowering, compact
Intermediate Azalea-flowered varieties
GO-0956'Cattleya' orchid colour with bright red markings, distinct
GO-0982'Orange Glory' deep salmon-orange, very bright
GO-0988'Rembrandt' deep carmine-rose and white, stable pattern, superb uniformity
GO-0990'Sweetheart' large, clear pink flowers on compact plants
GO-1086'Orange Glow' bright salmon-orange, effective
GO-1280'Ruddigore' deep red, attractive and long blooming
Intermediate single varieties
GO-0964'Duke of York' vivid red, quite bright, with satiny sheen
Tall single varieties
GO-0610'Aurora' (SAHIN 1984) delightful and distinct salmon-orange pastel, erect stems, cut flower
GO-0620'Furora' (SAHIN 1985) bright crimson-scarlet with satin sheen, erect stems, cut flower
GO-0630'Gloria' (SAHIN 1990) clear rose flowers, particularly attractive, erect stems, cut flower
GO-0640'Memoria' (SAHIN 1990) white flowers on erect stems, cut flower and good for landscaping

GODETIA rubicunda
Syn. Clarkia rubicunda
GO-1500'Mixed Colours' full colour range, upright spikes, reselected stock

Syn. Asclepias fruticosa
GO-2800'Cottonbush' (SAHIN 2003) pointed inflated pods, pale green tinged with brown, shrubby plant

(Globe Amaranth)
Dwarf varieties
GO-4158'Buddy' dwarf, compact, excellent bedding and pot plant, violet-purple flowers CS
GO-4164'Cissy' dwarf, compact plants with pure white flowers CS
GO-4168'Dolly' dwarf, compact plants with lilac-rose flowers CS
GO-4199'Dot n Dash' formula mixture of the three, excellent for warm, dry climates CS

Semi-dwarf F1 varieties pollenfree
HE-2104'Buttercream F1' (SAHIN 2008) new colour in spray-type pollenfree, sunflower, very early GS
HE-2134'Little Dorrit F1' (SAHIN 1998) sizeable golden flowers on short single stemmed plant, good for landscaping GS
HE-2138'Mezzulah F1' (SAHIN 1999) semi-dwarf, single stemmed, flowers with yellow petals and brown discs GS
Tall F1 cut flower varieties pollenfree
HE-2149'Summer Breeze F1' (SAHIN 2009) early, single stem, flowers golden-yellow with green discs GS
Tall F1 branching varieties pollenfree
HE-2112'Claret F1' (SAHIN 1998) AGM, dark wine-red flowers, produced over a long season GS
HE-2145'Orange Mahogany Bicolour F1' (SAHIN 2001) striking bicolour in orange-yellow with dark central ring GS
HE-2148'Solar Power F1' (SAHIN 2004) maroon discs at the base of orange tipped mahogany petals, sharp contrast GS
HE-2175'Ruby F1' (SAHIN 2001) abundant deep ruby flowers, very attractive for the border or cutting GS
Tall F1 mixtures pollenfree
HE-2136'Magic Roundabout F1' (SAHIN 2000) delightful pastel mixture of small multicoloured flowers, branched GS
HE-2400'Summertime Mixture F1' of all colours and forms, pollenfree, single stemmed and branched
HE-2425'Calypso F1' (SAHIN 2008) branched reds and bicolours in cream, gold and lemon with red, long flowering
HE-2450'Harlequin F1' (SAHIN 2005) unique mixture of all pollenfree bicolours, branched, long flowering
Dwarf varieties
HE-1945'Garden Statement' (SAHIN 2008) large, lemon-yellow duplex flowers with dark discs, top branching
HE-1950'Irish Eyes' (SAHIN 1998) branched stems, small leaves, yellow petals with green heart, good for pots
HE-1970'Sunspot' (SAHIN 1989) PVP golden yellow single giant flowers, yellow centres, good foliage
Tall single cut flower varieties
HE-2335'Lemon Queen' (SAHIN 1988) wonderful fashionable lemon-yellow, most sought after
HE-2367'Sunshine' golden yellow flowers with dark centres on tall branched stems, unique uniformity
HE-2375'Taiyo' special single stem cut flower strain, golden yellow with black centres, superb
HE-2385'Velvet Queen' (SAHIN 1988) dark velvety crimson, distinct and attractive
Tall double cut flower varieties
HE-2345'Orange Sun' (SAHIN 1987) high percentage of double golden-orange flowers, single stem
Extra-tall varieties
HE-2310'Mongolian Giant' (SAHIN 2008) extra tall sunflower for competition growing, longest seed of all
HE-2377'Titan' (SAHIN 1996) uniform and much improved 'Uniflorus Giganteus', largest seed of all

HELIANTHUS argophyllus
HE-2610'Gold & Silver' (SAHIN 1989) unique silvery felted leaves, small yellow flowers on branched stems

HE-2820'Sunny Babe' (SAHIN 2008) masses of small yellow flowers with black centres on branched plants

HELIANTHUS debilis ssp. cucumerifolius
HE-2765'Italian White' (SAHIN 1984) creamy white flowers with black centres, superb quality
HE-2767'Italian Green Heart' (SAHIN 2005) creamy white flowers with contrasting green centres
HE-2800'New Hybrids' improved colour range, whites to golden and bronze to crimson

HELICHRYSUM bracteatum
(Everlasting Flower)
Syn. Bracteantha bracteata
'King Size' series
HE-3245'Golden' deep golden yellow, large flowers, good doubleness
HE-3255'Orange' clear bronzy-orange, bright and strong colour of popular use
HE-3260'Red' deep crimson-red
HE-3265'Rose' bright clear rose colour, very popular and useful
HE-3280'Silvery Rose' (SAHIN 1979) pink tinged rose, overlaid silvery white
HE-3285'Silvery White' (SAHIN 1987) most popular of all, excellent white
HE-3299'Formula Mixture' of separate colours, good doubleness

HELIOPSIS helianthoides scabra
HE-5010'Sunburst' (SAHIN 2010) floriferous perennial, golden-yellow blooms, luminous against the variegated foliage

HEUCHERA micrantha
HE-9780'Palace Purple' (SAHIN 1984) AGM, creamy flowers, purple foliage, superb uniformity

HIBISCUS acetosella
Syn. Hibiscus eetveldeanus
HI-2975'Red Shield' (SAHIN 2002) red leaved, feature plant for summer bedding, burgundy flowers, warm climates

Hibiscus eetveldeanus
see Hibiscus acetosella

HIBISCUS sabdariffa
'Jamaican Cocktail' series
HI-3350'Purple Cocktail' (SAHIN 2002) tall straight stems carry the well-spaced deep purple-red, inflated fruits
HI-3360'Red Cocktail' (SAHIN 2002) tall straight stems carry the well spaced light red, inflated fruits

IPOMOEA x imperialis
IP-6000'Sunrise Serenade' (SAHIN 2003) beautiful double ruby-red flowers, strong growth, striking climber

IPOMOEA x multifida
(Cardinal Climber)
Syn. Ipomoea sloteri
IP-4900'Cardinal Climber' red flowers, divided leaves, very attractive climber, suitable for pots

(Morning Glory)
IP-4730'Grandpa Ott' heirloom variety, flowers blue-purple with darker purple bands, elegant
IP-4760'Milky Way' (SAHIN 1999) white flowers with delicate purple star
IP-4800'Zeeland Hybrids Mix' extensive colour range in this field grown mixture

IPOMOEA purpurea
(Morning Glory)
IP-4715'Crimson Rambler' vigorous climber with large red flowers

IPOMOEA quamoclit
(Cypress Vine)
Syn. Quamoclit pennata
'Feather' series
IP-4820'Red Feather' (SAHIN 2001) fine cut leaves, tubular five-lobed red flowers, climber for sunny sites or pots
IP-4830'Rose Feather' (SAHIN 2001) fine cut leaves, tubular five-lobed pink flowers
IP-4840'White Feather' (SAHIN 2001) fine cut leaves, tubular five-lobed white flowers
IP-4850'Mixed Feathers' (SAHIN 2001) mixture of three colours, excellent veining pot plant

Ipomoea rubro-caerulea
see Ipomoea tricolor

IPOMOEA tricolor
(Morning Glory)
Syn. Ipomoea rubro-caerulea
IP-4915'Candy Pink' (SAHIN 2005) attractive, large pink flower, veining pot plant
IP-4920'Clarke's Heavenly Blue' AGM, the unique sky-blue morning glory, a classic, select stock
IP-4935'Flying Saucers' sky-blue with white stripes, unique, select stock
IP-4980'Pearly Gates' (Ferry Morse) AAS-1942, pure white flowers, beautiful, select stock

Ipomoea xsloteri
see Ipomoea x multifida

Ismelia carinata
see Chrysanthemum carinatum

ISOTOMA axillaris
Syn. Laurentia axillaris
IS-5910'Blue Star' (SAHIN 1997) star-shaped blue flowers produced in abundance, uniform, excellent for baskets
IS-5925'White Star' (SAHIN 1997) star-shaped white flowers on uniform compact plants, the earliest to bloom
IS-5935'Rose Star' (SAHIN 1998) star-shaped soft pink flowers, compact plants, later than the other two colours

KNAUTIA macedonica
KN-2975'Red Cherries' (SAHIN 2003) showy deep red-purple, a classic border plant, flowers throughout Summer
KN-2990'Watercolours' (SAHIN 2002) mixture of soft purple, mauve red and pinks, long flowering period to frost

Lablab purpureus
see Dolichos lablab

LAGENARIA siceraria
Ornamental Gourds large
LA-1917'Dinosaur' green fruits with wing-link projections, curved necks, swan-like appearance
LA-1920'Dipper' a dipper strain with a slender neck, smooth surface

(Crape Myrtle)
'Little Chief' series
LA-2280'Purple' (SAHIN 2002) dwarf crape myrtle, flowers in four months from seed, purple flowers
LA-2285'Red' (SAHIN 2002) dwarf crape myrtle, flowers in four months from seed, red flowers

LAGURUS ovatus
(Hare's Tail)
LA-2900'Bunny Tails' (SAHIN 1993) FS-Q 1993, the shortest selection, good for pots, tactile CS

Lallemanyia canescens
see Dracocephalum canescens

LATHYRUS odoratus
'Cupid' series, flat, spreading habit, ideal for pots and baskets
LA-7730'Cupid Cherry' cherry-red flowers, bushy habit, suitable as ground cover
LA-7735'Cupid Pink' AGM, bicoloured pink and white flowers, scented, bushy habit
LA-7736'Cupid Purple' purple flowers, bushy habit, suitable as ground cover
LA-7738'Cupid Rose' rose flowers, bushy habit, suitable as ground cover
LA-7739'Cupid White' white flowers, bushy habit, suitable as ground cover
LA-7740'Cupid Mixed Colours' mixture of the above colours and shades, scented, bushy habit
'Heirloom Grandiflora'varieties
LA-6503'America' sparkling red flake, white with vermilion streaks, scented
LA-6521'Cupani' the original sweet pea, deep maroon standard, white at the base, wings mauve, very fragrant
LA-6551'Matucana' deep purple standard with bluish-mauve wings, very fragrant
LA-6571'Queen Alexandria' carmine-vermilion standard with deep carmine rose wings, scented
'Spencer' series
LA-6887'Arthur Hellyer' lavender-blue, frilly blooms, strong stems, very fragrant
LA-6929'Blue Ripple' frilly flowers, white with blue flecks
LA-7067'Frolic' pretty rose picotee on cream base, flowers open cream, slightly ruffled
LA-7200'Mars' brilliant scarlet speckles and wired on a white background
LA-7211'Midnight' dark chocolate with a bright purple flash at the base, wonderful deep dark colour
LA-7255'Nimbus' greyish white flowers with streaks of inky blue-black
LA-7271'Old Times' wonderful lime-cream flowers with a blue tinge and veins, strongly scented
LA-7329'Pulsar' lilac speckled and wired on a cream background
LA-7465'Wiltshire Ripple' burgundy coloured swirls on a cream background
LA-7497'Unwin's Stripes' field grown mixture of striped and mottled varieties
LA-7498'Ripple Formula Mixture' a superb blend of striped, mottled, veined flake-type Spencer varieties

Laurentia axillaris
see Isotoma axillaris

LA-8140'Woolly Lavender' (NEW 2011) attractive foliage covered with fine silvery hairs during 1st year, flowers 2nd year

LAVANDULA multifida
(Fern Leaf Lavender)
LA-8150'Origano' (SAHIN 2004) flowers with showy purple corollas with 'Origano' scented foliage, long season

LAVANDULA stoechas
(French Lavender)
LA-8250'Sancho Panza' (SAHIN 2002) PBR/PVP, uniform purple French lavender, long flowering SC

LAVATERA trimestris
(Annual mallow)
LA-8410'New Dwarf Pink Blush' (SAHIN 2010) unique dwarf variety, large white flowers with pink striations

(Snow Daisy)
Syn. Chrysanthemum paludosum
LE-8307'Select' bushy plants with many white daisy-like flowers, uniform

(Shasta Daisy)
Syn. Chrysanthemum maximum
LE-8135'Crazy Daisy' interesting mixture of semi-double to double, cream to white flowers with curious petals
LE-8150'Silver Princess' semi-dwarf strain, single white daisies, popular

LEWISIA cotyledon
LE-9000'Soranda Hybrids' (SAHIN 1990) evergreen succulent with widest range of flower colours found in Lewisia

LIMNANTHES douglasii
(Meadow Foam)
LI-3200 AGM, masses of white, yellow-centred flowers, easy and desirable
LI-3299'Scrambled Egg Mixture' (SAHIN 2002) well-whisked blend of all colours

LIMNANTHES douglasii ssp. nivea
LI-3225'Meringue' (SAHIN 2002) masses of pure white flowers, easy cultivation

LIMNANTHES douglasii ssp. sulphurea
LI-3275'Sunny Side Up' (SAHIN 2000) flowers are rich yellow throughout

LIMONIUM sinuatum
'Forever' series
LI-3655'Blue' (SAHIN 1993) large flower heads, deepest blue, finest quality CS
LI-3665'Gold' (SAHIN 1993) FS-GM 1993, AGM, large flower heads, brightest yellow, best quality CS
LI-3686'Rose' (SAHIN 1993) large flower heads, clear carmine-rose CS
LI-3692'Silver' (SAHIN 1993) FS-Q 1993, AGM, large flower heads, pure white, finest quality CS
LI-3699'Formula Mixture' (SAHIN 1993) of separate colours, outstanding quality CS

LIMONIUM suworowii
(Russian Statice)
LI-4012'Pink Pokers' (SAHIN 2002) upright spikes covered with tiny salmon-pink flowers, unique colour CS

LINARIA maroccana
LI-5001'Pretty in Pink' (SAHIN 2010) dwarf, bushy selection in shades of rose, pink and cream
LI-5002'Sweeties' (SAHIN 2005) tall, floriferous plants in a wide range of sweet colours, early and most elegant

LOBULARIA maritima
(Sweet Alyssum)
'Aphrodite' series extra compact varieties
LO-2801'Dark Mixture' a superb formula blend of the darker and more contrasting colours
LO-2805'Pastel Mixture' a pleasant blend of pastel colours
'Professional' series
LO-2710'Avalanche' (SAHIN 1983) early, pure white, long season, standard variety for packs

Lophospermum scandens
see Asarina scandens

Lotus tetragonolobus
see Tetragonolobus purpureus

LUPINUS elegans
LU-4800'Pink Fairy' (SAHIN 2000) erect spikes of fragrant soft pink flowers changing to rose with age

LUPINUS mutabilis var. cruckshankii
'Javelin' series
LU-4580'Blue Javelin' (SAHIN 1996) elegant long spikes of blue scented flowers with white and yellow keels
LU-4590'Pink Javelin' (SAHIN 1996) pink, scented flowers changing to rose with white and yellow keels
LU-4600'Formula Mixture' (SAHIN 2002) of blue and pink, highly scented

(Dwarf Lupin)
LU-5180'Blue Pixie' (SAHIN 1995) nice royal blue selection from 'Pixie Delight', good border filler
LU-5200'Pixie Delight Mixed Colours' short, branched spikes of white, pink or blue flowers, scented

LUPINUS polyphyllus
LU-6000'New Millennium Mixed' (SAHIN 1999) exhibition quality lupins in rich colours and many striking bicolours SC

LYCHNIS x haageana
LY-1500'Molten Lava' (SAHIN 1992) FS-Q 1992, bright orange-scarlet flowers over bronze foliage

LYCHNIS chalcedonica
(Maltese Cross)
LY-1120'Burning Love' (SAHIN 2005) FS-N 2004 dwarf, bright scarlet flower heads good cutflower quality in 2nd year

LYCHNIS coronaria
(Rose Campion)
LY-1230'Angel's Blush' (SAHIN 1988) delicate colour, white changing to pink over silvery foliage

Container tomatoes
LY-2015'Tiny Tommy' tiny plants with an abundance of small red fruits above the leaves
LY-2020'Micro Cherry' (SAHIN 2008) unique ground cover tomato with an abundance of small red fruits
Determinate 'Roma' Tomatoes
LY-3115'Cream Sausage' elongated, creamy white sausage-like fruits, productive
Indeterminate beefsteak tomatoes
LY-3535'Pink Brandywine Improved' large deep pink beefsteak, good flavour, healthy potato-leaved plants
LY-3565'Vintage Wine' (SAHIN 1998) unique pale pink fruits with golden stripes, potato-leaved
Indeterminate cherry tomatoes
LY-3710'Brown Berry' (SAHIN 2001) unusual brownish cherry-fruits, good flavour
LY-3725'Christmas Grapes' bunches of grape-like fruit, turning bright scarlet, superb taste, very productive
LY-3765'Orange Berry' (SAHIN 1999) pale green cherries on long trusses turn bright orange
LY-3775'Red Berry' (SAHIN 1999) exceptionally long trusses bear up to 50 bright red fruits
LY-3785'Snow Berry' creamy-yellow on the outside, and white inside, delightful sweet fruity flavour
Indeterminate round tomatoes
LY-3910'Bloody Butcher' medium round red tomato, dark red inside, with strong flavour, early
LY-3965'Red Zebra Improved' (SAHIN 1999) fire engine red fruits overlaid with golden yellow stripes
Miscellaneous indeterminate varieties
LY-3875'Striped Stuffer' bell-pepper-like with golden orange striped red fruits, suitable for stuffing, unique

LYTHRUM salicaria
LY-9000'Red Beauties' (SAHIN 1986) red shades, extra long flowering season

MALOPE trifida
Miscellaneous varieties
MA-3675'Vulcan' the deep purple-flowered form with dark veining, large-flowered, tetraploid

MALVA moschata
(Musk Mallow)
MA-4485'Pink Perfection' (SAHIN 1985) abundant pink flowers, short spikes, good for containers
MA-4495'White Perfection' (SAHIN 1986) abundant pure white flowers with contrasting pink anthers

MALVA sylvestris
MA-4520'Braveheart' mauve-pink flowers, darker purple eyes and deep purple veins
MA-4525'Zebrina' striking bicolour, white with narrow violet stripes, uniform, very popular

Matthiola bicornis
see Matthiola longipetala ssp. bicornis

MATTHIOLA longipetala ssp. bicornis
(Night-Scented Stock)
Syn. Matthiola bicornis
MA-9425'Starlight Scentsation' (SAHIN 1996) exciting mixture of pastel colours, sweet evening fragrance

Maurandella antirrhiniflora
see Asarina antirrhiniflora

Maurandya purpusii
see Asarina purpusii

Maurandya wislizensis
see Asarina wislizensis

ME-6600 (SAHIN 2004) large vines produce an abundance of small, oblong, green striped fruits

Mesembryanthemum criniflorum
see Dorotheanthus bellidiformis

MILIUM effusum
(Golden Millet)
MI-2020'Aureum' (SAHIN 2006) AGM, elegant, arching, bright golden yellow leaves for semishade

MIMOSA pudica
(Sensitive Plant)
MI-4000 fluffy pink flowers, ornamental pinnate leaves close at touch, good for children

MI-4040'Pink Sparkles' (SAHIN 2009) hardy strain of the sensitive plant with fluffy pink flowers, prostrate habit

MINA lobata
(Spanish Flag)
MI-6015'Citronella' (SAHIN 1996) FS-N '96 lemon flowers to white, good in pots, short-day plant
MI-6025'Jungle Queen' (SAHIN 1998) robust selection, crimson-orange to yellow flowers, short-day plant

(Four O'Clock)
MI-6814'Custard and Cream' (SAHIN 2001) yellow and white flowers on the same plant, unusual
MI-6815'Fireworks' (SAHIN 2000) cerise-red flowers, fragrant, very floriferous
MI-6820'Limelight' (SAHIN 2000) luminous yellow-green foliage, rose flowers, excellent in containers
MI-6898'Broken Colours' (SAHIN 1998) flowers multicoloured with splashes and stripes of different shades
MI-6900'Complete Mixture' a balanced mixture of selfs and bicolours

NEMESIA cheiranthus
NE-1525'Masquerade' (SAHIN 2003) extraordinary flowers with long petals and intricate markings, coconut scent

NEMESIA strumosa
NE-1800'Carnival Mixture' tetraploid mixture, large-flowered, bright colours, reselected CS
NE-2100'Blaze of Glory' (SAHIN 2002) robust plants with enormous flowers in brilliant vibrant colours CS

NEMESIA strumosa suttonii
'Triumph' series
NE-1950'National Ensign' (SAHIN 1987) our original red and white bicolour, very attractive CS
NE-1970'Prince of Orange' large flowers in shades of orange, attractive and useful, fine in packs CS
NE-2000'Choice Mixture' very vibrant mixture of mostly yellows, reds and oranges CS

NEMESIA versicolor
NE-2255'Aegean Sea' (SAHIN 2000) distinct and original bicoloured flowers, white with large blue margins CS
NE-2260'Blue Bird' wonderful true blue with white centre, good in packs CS

NEMOPHILA atomaria
NE-2800'Snowstorm' (SAHIN 1994) pure white, heavily dotted with tiny black speckles

NEMOPHILA discoidalis
NE-2850'Penny Black' (SAHIN 1992) nearly black flowers with narrow white edge, useful pot plant

NEPETA nervosa
NE-5850'Blue Carpet' (SAHIN 1985) superb carpet-forming plants, dense blue spikes, flowers all summer

NIGELLA damascena
NI-6410'Albion Black Pod' (SAHIN 1996) long-stemmed selection for cutting, white flowers, uniform dark pods
NI-6415'Albion Green Pod' (SAHIN 1998) long-stemmed selection for cutting, white flowers, large green pods
NI-6420'Blue Midget' (SAHIN 1983) our dwarf double sky-blue, suitable for packs and edging
NI-6600'Mulberry Rose' double flowers that change from white to rose
NI-6692'Moody Blues' (SAHIN 2008) shades of violet, deep and light blue on the same plant

Nigella hispanica
see Nigella papillosa

NIGELLA orientalis
NI-7500'Transformer' (SAHIN 1987) yellow flowers, attractive green reversible seed pods, a Sahin classic

NIGELLA papillosa
NI-7050'African Bride' (SAHIN 2004) FS-Q 2004, large pure white flowers with contrasting almost black seed pods
NI-7100'Curiosity' (SAHIN 1985) violet-blue flowers, deep purple spider-like seed pods
NI-7125'Midnight' (SAHIN 2002) velvety dark purple flowers and deep purple pods
NI-7199'Ebony & Ivory' (SAHIN 2002) mixture of the 'African Bride' and 'Midnight'

NOLANA paradoxa
NO-1000'Blue Bird' (SAHIN 1981) blue, white-centred flowers for hanging baskets, spreading habit
NO-1050'Purple Bird' (SAHIN 2003) light purple flowers with white centre, spreading habit
NO-1100'Snow Bird' (SAHIN 1993) snow white flowers, spreading habit
NO-1199'Bird Mixture' (SAHIN 2003) of the blue, purple and white bird

OCIMUM americanum
OC-6000'Lemon Basil' bushy plants with pale green leaves, smells of lemon

OCIMUM basilicum
(Sweet Basil)
'Spice Boys' collection
OC-6010'Ararat' (SAHIN 1999) metallic grey-purple foliage, darker purple at flowering, liquorice taste
OC-6020'Queen of Sheba' (SAHIN 2005) intense purple flowers over nice green foliage, strong scent
OC-6030'Cinnamon' green leaves with contrasting red flowering branches, spicy cinnamon scent
OC-6280'Greek' short bushy plant, fine green leaves, excellent pot-herb
OC-6550'Purple Delight' broad purple leaves, strongly scented, attractive in pots and in bedding use
OC-6670'Yiotis' (SAHIN 2001) dense plants with small thick green leaves, very fragrant, late-flowering
OC-6700'Spicy Globe' very small-leaved, bright green, compact, hardly flowers, excellent selection
OC-6800'Spice Boys Mixture' (SAHIN 1998) attractive mixture of all separate types we offer, very fragrant

ORIGANUM rotundifolia
OR-2050 (AGM) herbaceous perennial, rounded pale green leaves, small pink flowers, aromatic foliage

ORLAYA grandiflora
OR-2450'White Lace' (SAHIN 1999) beautiful umbels of large white, lace-like flowers, good new filler CS

(Sailor Boy Daisy)
OS-6000'Sky and Ice' (SAHIN 1991) white daisies with deep purple and blue eyes, glossy green foliage, long flowering

Oxypetalum caeruleum
see Tweedia coerulea

PANICUM miliaceum
PA-1800'Violaceum' purplish green pendulous flower heads, attractive for floral art work, fresh or dry

PAPAVER commutatum
PA-1995'Ladybird' AGM, bright fire-engine red with conspicuous black blotches, most attractive

Papaver heterophyllum
see Stylomecon heterophyllum

PAPAVER laciniatum
PA-3111'Pink Bicolor' (SAHIN 2009) elegant pink laciniate petals with white centres

PAPAVER nudicaule
(Iceland Poppy)
PA-2200'Ballerina Mixture' good colour range, masses of medium sized flowers, upright and compact habit
PA-2430'Red Sails' (SAHIN 1992) largest red 'Iceland Poppy', strong stems, superb
PA-2475'San Remo F2 Mixed Colours' large-flowered, good colour range, good stems

PAPAVER rhoeas
(Cor Poppy)
PA-2770'Dawn Chorus' (SAHIN 2000) double and semi-double form of 'Angel Wings', mostly pastel shades and picotees
PA-2780'Falling in Love' (SAHIN 2005) semi-double to double mix of picotees and bicolours, rose, salmon to coral

PAPAVER rupifragum
(Spanish Poppy)
PA-2850'Tangerine Parfait' (SAHIN 2006) tangerine, semi-double flowers over dusky grey-green foliage

PAPAVER somniferum
(Opium Poppy)
PA-3225'Danish Dwarf' (SAHIN 2005) shorter selection of the 'Danebrog', scarlet with white central markings
Peony-flowered varieties
PA-2920'Black Peony' (SAHIN 1983) deepest purple, special effect, fully double, true stock
PA-2938'Flemish Antique' (SAHIN 1996) fully double flowers in shades of red and rose, striped creamy white
PA-2940'Frosted Salmon' (SAHIN 1993) salmon-rose, edges fading with age, wonderful effect
PA-2965'Purple Peony' (SAHIN 1983) violet-purple, good contrast with the lighter colours, reselected
PA-2975'Rose Peony' (SAHIN 1983) deep rose, strong and attractive colour, reselected
PA-2980'Scarlet Peony' (SAHIN 1983) bright scarlet, vivid colour, much in demand, reselected
PA-2990'Yellow Peony' (SAHIN 1983) cream fully double flowers, good in mixed plantings
PA-2999'Peony Formula Mixture' (SAHIN 1993) of the separate double varieties

PAPAVER somniferum laciniatum
PA-3183'Swansdown' (SAHIN 1992) fluffy balls of deeply laciniated snow-white petals

PENSTEMON barbatus
(Penstemon Beardlip)
PE-3210'Humming Bells' (SAHIN 2010) compact, base branching habit, extensive colour range, for pots and borders
PE-3225'Petite Bouquet' dwarf bushy, floriferous plants with dense flower spikes in a delightful colour range

PENSTEMON xmexicali
PE-4350'Mixed Hybrids' (SAHIN 2009) bushy plants covered in bell-shaped flowers in a wide colour range

Phaseolus caracalla
see Vigna caracalla

PHASEOLUS coccineus
(Runner Bean)
PH-1138'Painted Lady Improved' abundant ornamental red and white flowers, mottled brown seeds
PH-1162'Sunset' unique salmon-pink flowers, seeds pink with black saddle, productive

PHASEOLUS vulgaris
(Bush Dry Bean)
PH-1380'Yin Yang' remarkable black and white beans from compact productive plants, good taste

PHLOX drummondii
'Beauty' series dwarf varieties
PH-3557'Cranberry & Cream' (SAHIN 2011) delicious cranberry & cream shades with darker eye
PH-3572'Moody Blues' (SAHIN 2011) remarkable mixture of different shades of blue and some white
PH-3576'Rosie Dawn' (SAHIN 2010) bright cherry-rose colour, with or without red eye
PH-3600'Field Grown Mixture' of many colours
PH-3800'Coral Reef' (SAHIN 1995) AGM, mixture of unique pastel colours, soft, yet clear and long-lasting, a beauty
PH-3810'Unique Mixture' (SAHIN 1997) a mixture of corals, creamy-pinks with a dash of blue
'Grandiflora' series
PH-3296'Stars and Stripes' (SAHIN 2005) a new blend of pastels with red stripes and stars
PH-3297'Tapestry Mixture' (SAHIN 1995) FS-Q 1996, unique combination of colours with contrasting, darker eyes
PH-3298'Starry Eyes' (SAHIN 2000) a rich blend of colours with starry eyes, scented
PH-3300'Field Grown Mixture' the most complete mixture of all exciting colours, long blooming

PHYSALIS alkekengi var. franchetii
(Chinese Lantern)
Syn. Physalis franchetii
PH-8110'Gigantea' robust growth, orange paper-lantern fruits, excellent for autumn decorations
PH-8120'Miniature' (SAHIN 1983) dwarf growth, orange paper-lantern fruits, suitable for pots

Physalis franchetii
see Physalis alkekengi var. franchetii

PHYSALIS pruinosa
(Strawberry Tomato)
PH-8400 (SAHIN 2004) excellent sweet but clear, citrus-like flavour, suitable for preserves and fresh

PLATYCODON grandiflorum
(Balloon Flower)
'Florist' series
PL-4180'Blue' extra-tall, upright habit, early, deep violet-blue 'Balloon Flower'
PL-4185'Rose' wonderful pink 'Balloon Flower' early, upright and tall
PL-4190'Snow' pure white 'Balloon Flower', upright and tall
PL-4199'Formula Mixture' a mixture of the above three in equal portions

PRIMULA auricula
PR-1440'Viennese Waltz' (SAHIN 2006) superb mixture of large flowered exhibition types, very showy

PUNICA granatum
PU-7000'Orange Master' (SAHIN 1982) dwarf, uniform, early flowering pomegranate, excellent container plant

Quamoclit pennata
see Ipomoea quamoclit

RAPHANUS caudatus
(Rat-tail Radish)
RA-5700'Rat-tail' whitish flowers followed by long, succulent edible pods of radish taste to accompany salads

RHODOCHITON atrosanguineum
(Purple Bells)
RH-5000'Purple Bells' (SAHIN 1983) AGM, maroon flowers hanging from reddish purple calyces, vining pot plant DW

RICINUS communis
(Castor Oil Plant)
RI-5630'Impala' copper-red foliage, scarlet seed heads, superb architectural plant, remains nice until frost
RI-5660'Red Giant' best red available, stems,leaves and flowers deep red

RIDOLFIA segetum
RI-8000'Goldspray' (SAHIN 1997) FS-N 1997 bright yellow dill-like flowers on branched stems, odourless, elegant

(Orange Coneflower)
RU-1300'Goldsturm' AGM, golden yellow flowers with dark centres, adaptable, long flowering

(Black-eyed Susan)
Medium varieties
RU-2125'Goldilocks' semi-double and double golden yellow flowers produced in abundance, good upright habit
Tall diploid varieties
RU-1930'Irish Eyes' large-flowered, golden yellow single daisies with conspicuous green centres
RU-1970'Sputnik' medium-sized flowers, pointed petals, golden yellow with mahogany base, dark centres

RUDBECKIA occidentalis
RU-2600'Green Wizard' green sepals radiating around the shiny, long black cones, good in floral compositions

RUMEX sanguineus ssp. sanguineus
(Red-veined dock)
RU-6025'Bloody Dock' long green leaves with brilliant red veining, superb contrast, for containers and gardens

(Painted Tongue)
SA-1145'Kew Blue' (SAHIN 1985) deep blue flowers with dark central blotches, stunning effect
SA-1150'Little Friends' (SAHIN 2001) mixture of short bushy plants with stunning colours, good for bedding

SALVIA argentea
(Silver Sage)
SA-1540'Artemis' (SAHIN 2004) pink-white flowers in branched inflorescences arising from fleshy, silvery lanate rosettes

SALVIA coccinea
(Red Texas Sage)
'Hummingbird' series
SA-1699'Hummingbird Sage Mixture' a balanced formula blend of separate varieties

SALVIA jurisicii
(Cutleaf Sage)
SA-2120'Silky Feathers' (SAHIN 2005) mounds of silky silver foliage with terminal racemes of hairy lavender-blue flowers

SALVIA lyrata
(Cancer Weed)
SA-2390'Purple Prince' (SAHIN 2002) distinct, deep purple rosettes, effective contrast in spring and autumn bedding

SALVIA patens
SA-2670'Cambridge Blue' (NEW 2011) large hooded flowers of vivid, light blue colour
SA-2675'Oxford Blue' AGM, large flowers of pure gentianblue colour, of great beauty and distinction

SALVIA sclarea
(Clary Sage)
SA-2985'Alba' (SAHIN 2001) impressive plant with handsome white floral bracts tinged with pink, scented

SALVIA taraxacifolia
SA-4955'Touch of Scent' (SAHIN 2008) scented rosettes producing several flower stems with pinkish tubular flowers

SANVITALIA procumbens
(Creeping Zinnia)
SA-6260'Irish Eyes' (SAHIN 1994) FS-Q 1994 pastel buff orange, contrasting green centres, good for packs
SA-6280'Mandarin Orange' (SAHIN 1987) AAS-1987 unique single orange flowers, good in packs

SCABIOSA atropurpurea
(Sweet Scabious)
SC-0377'Black Knight' (SAHIN 1992) reselected, deepest maroon, nearly black flowers with contrasting white stigmas
SC-0379'Blue Cockade' (SAHIN 1986) very large clear blue flowers on long strong stems, superb
SC-0381'Fata Morgana' (SAHIN 1995) unusual yellowish pink colour
SC-0383'Fire King' (SAHIN 1990) our reselected stock, bright red medium-sized flowers, long strong stems
SC-0387'Oxford Blue' (SAHIN 1990) reselected, deep blue medium-sized flowers
SC-0392'Salmon Queen' (SAHIN 1990) reselected, salmon-rose medium-sized flowers, long strong stems
SC-0394'Snowmaiden' (SAHIN 1990) reselected stock, pure white medium-sized flowers, long strong stems
SC-0398'Summer Fruits' (SAHIN 2008) fruity colours combined into a great mixture
SC-0399'Formula Mixture' of the above colours, finest and brightest mixture

SCABIOSA caucasica
SC-0675'Perfection Blue' powder-blue flowers, productive over a long season, adaptable CS
SC-0678'Deep Waters' (SAHIN 2004) deep blue flowers, productive over a long season, adaptable CS
SC-0680'Perfection White' pure white flowers, superb strain, productive over a long season, adaptable CS

SCABIOSA japonica var. alpina
SC-0855'Blue Star' (SAHIN 2005) rich lavender, pin cushion-like flowers on dwarf, compact plants CS

SCABIOSA speciosa
SC-0945'Maharajah' (SAHIN 2004) large, soft mauve blue flowers, most elegant CS

(Butterfly Flower)
SC-2400'Tinkerbell Mixed' (SAHIN 2011) wide colour range, all flowers with contrasting orchidlike markings

SCORPIURUS muricatus
SC-9060'Prickly Caterpillar' curious coiled pods which look like caterpillars, to enliven salads CS

SETARIA italica
(Italian Millet)
SE-9365'Hylander' tall grass with long flower heads, very popular for cutting and landscaping
SE-9370'Lowlander' (SAHIN 1996) FS-Q 1996, the compact selection of 'Hylander'

SILENE colorata
SI-2910'Pink Star' (SAHIN 2000) attractive, quick-flowering annual with starry, deep pink flowers, floriferous

SI-4818'Shocking Pink' (SAHIN 2008) early, floriferous, compact plants with masses of luminous pink flowers

SPILANTHES oleraceae
(Toothache Plant)
SP-8250 yellow flowerheads, glossy leaves used in salads, weird, electric taste

STACHYS byzantina
(Lamb's Ears)
ST-0225'Pure Cotton' (SAHIN 2004) improved 'Olympica' more uniform with taller stems in second year
ST-0250'Olympica' highly ornamental grey-felted foliage, important edging plant, in mixed borders

STACHYS coccinea
ST-0150'Pow-wow' (SAHIN 2002) bushy plants with spikes of brick-red flowers, surprisingly hardy, quick to flower

Stachys lanata
see Stachys byzantina

STIPA tenuissima var. oreophila
ST-2830'Wind Whispers' (SAHIN 2006) taller and more elegant leaf form than 'Angel Hair' CS

ST-6000'Wiesmoor Hybrids' complete colour range, large flowers, reselected for compact foliage

STYLOMECON heterophyllum
(Flaming Poppy)
Syn. Papaver heterophyllum
ST-9000'Copper Queen' (SAHIN 2005) coppery orange poppy-like flowers, sweetly scented of lily-of-the-valley MP

Tagetes anisata
see Tagetes lucida

TAGETES erecta
(African Marigold)
Tall double cut flower varieties
TA-2705'All-Double Lemon' bright lemon-yellow flowers, fully double and uniform
TA-2715'All-Double Orange' the deep orange counterpart of the above, uniform and full double
TA-2740'Kees' Orange' (SAHIN 2011) Kees Sahin's selection for deepest orange marigold
TA-5399'Kiku Mixture' (SAHIN 2010) Sahin's reselection of the original mum types, excellent doubleness
Dwarf double-flowered varieties
TA-1984'Golden Hedger' large double flowers, golden-orange, odourless, excellent uniformity
TA-1988'Lemon Hedger' large double flowers, clear yellow, excellent uniformity

TAGETES lucida
Syn. Tagetes anisata
TA-0750'Sweet Mace' (SAHIN 2000) glossy leaves with small orange flowers, the whole plants strongly anise-scented

TAGETES patula
TA-5520'Chasca' (SAHIN 2009) compact, free blooming plants, covered with golden-yellow crested blooms
'Boy' series crested double-flowered
TA-4399'Boy O'Boy' formula mixture of the separate colours
'Goldie' series double-flowered
TA-4686'Queen Sophia' (Gaboriau) AAS-1979, AGM, orange flowers with red markings, bright and showy
TA-4690'Scarlet Sophia' mahogany-red flowers changing to orange
Tall single varieties
TA-3939'Jolly Jester' brightly striped single flowers in red and orange, creates a jolly effect

TAGETES patula x erecta
TA-5630'Athos' double mahogany flowers with golden tips, floriferous

TAGETES tenuifolia
(Signet Marigold)
TA-7420'Golden Gem' bushy plants with fine leaves, covered in masses of small, golden daisies
TA-7430'Lemon Gem' bushy plants with fine leaves, covered in masses of small,lemon-yellow daisies
TA-7460'Paprika' bushy plants with fine leaves, covered in masses of small maroon daisies with a golden edge
TA-7480'Tangerine Gem' small bright orange daisy-like flowers, cover the bushy plants with ferny sweet-scented foliage
TA-7500'Starfire Mixture' mixture of separate colours, bushy plants with fine leaves, covered in masses of flowers

TAGETES tenuifolia x erecta
TA-7650'Tessy Gold' (SAHIN 1993) FS-Q 1993 masses of golden-yellow medium-sized single flowers, uniform

TANACETUM coccineum
Syn. Chrysanthemum coccineum
'Robinson's Giant'
TA-8240'Crimson' (SAHIN 2010) dark red selection with contrasting yellow discs
TA-8245'Rose' (SAHIN 2010) selection of rose to pink shades with contrasting yellow discs
TA-8250'Giant Mixture' a great mixture of soft pinks, shades of rose to dark red, duplex flowers

TANACETUM parthenium
Syn. Chrysanthemum parthenium
Tall varieties
TA-8640'Goldball Improved' (SAHIN 2001) pompon-shaped pure yellow flowers, good length for cutting

TELOXYS aristata
TE-5000'Seafoam' (SAHIN 1982) tumble-weed, outstanding as everlasting and filler, good autumn colour

(Asparagus Pea)
Syn. Lotus tetragonolobus
TE-7500 mostly trifoliate leaves, maroon-red flowers followed by winged pods edible when young

Thelesperma burridgeana
see Cosmidium burridgeanum

(Black-eyed Susan)
TH-7420'Alba Oculata' pure white flowers, with conspicuous and contrasting black centres
TH-7425'Aurantiaca' golden orange, self-coloured flowers
TH-7430'Aurantiaca Oculata' golden orange flowers with contrasting black centres, very bright
TH-7440'Aurea' yellow, self-coloured flowers
TH-7450'Aurea Oculata' yellow flowers with contrasting black centres
'African Sunset' series
TH-7800'African Sunset Mixed' (SAHIN 2001) unique sunset shades of red, apricot, buff with dark burgundy eyes GS
Miscellaneous varieties
TH-7630'Superstar Orange' FS-Q 2000, large and impressive bright orange flowers with a larger black eye GS

Trachymene caerulea
see Didiscus caeruleus

(White Clover)
TR-4425'Minus' small three-leaved shamrock for growing in pots for St. Patrick's Day

'Gleam' series semi-trailing, semi-double
TR-8300'Field Grown Mixture' of the separate colours, fewer doubles CS
Trailing single varieties
TR-7915'Crimson Emperor' re-selected for deep vivid crimson, darkest of all colours CS
TR-7946'Milkmaid' (SAHIN 2002) nearest to white, unique within the genus CS
TR-8100'Variegated Queen Mixed Colours' (SAHIN 1996) superb new colours, variegated leaves CS
TR-MIX0'Sahin's Mambo' (SAHIN 2012) trailing mix with high contrast CS

'Jewel' series compact, double to semi-double
TR-8560'Cherry Rose Jewel' reselected, compact, early, uniform, colour is a strong cherry-rose CS
TR-8565'Golden Jewel' brightest golden-yellow, very strong colour, compact CS
TR-8570'Mahogany Jewel' deep mahogany-red, attractive colour in contrast to the brighter ones CS
TR-8575'Peach Melba' reselected, sought-after colour combination of primrose-cream with pearly-red spots CS
TR-8580'Primrose Jewel' reselected, superb uniformity, virtually all double, fashionable primrose-yellow CS
TR-8590'Scarlet Jewel' most vivid vermilion-scarlet flowers in sharp contrast to bright green foliage CS
TR-8599'Formula Mixture' of matching varieties, varied and of general interest CS
TR-8600'Field Grown Mixture' what is usually offered, mostly shades of yellow and reds CS
'Tip Top Alaska' series compact, variegated, top-flowering
TR-8965'Gold' (SAHIN 1996) variegated foliage, golden yellow flowers CS
TR-8970'Rose' (SAHIN 2012) intense rose flower colour on top of variegated foliage
TR-8975'Salmon' (SAHIN 1997) soft salmon flowers above variegated leaves CS
TR-8985'Scarlet' (SAHIN 1998) scarlet flowers, excellent contrast over the variegated foliage CS
TR-8999'Mixture' (SAHIN 1990) AGM, reselected strain, full colour range, variegated leaves CS
'Tip Top' series compact, top-flowering
TR-8755'Apricot' (SAHIN 1991) FS-Q 1992, fashionable apricot flowers with deeper markings CS
TR-8765'Gold' (SAHIN 1991) deep golden orange flowers, bright and showy CS
TR-8775'Mahogany' (SAHIN 1991) deep mahogany-red flowers over golden green foliage, distinct CS
TR-8785'Scarlet' (SAHIN 1991) early, brightest orange-scarlet flowers, very vivid CS
TR-8799'Formula Mixture' (SAHIN 1990) of five separate colours CS
TR-8800'Mixed Colours' mixture including all colours CS
'Whirlybird' series
TR-8315'Cream' propeller-like, semi-double cream flowers, bushy plants CS
TR-8330'Deep Red' propeller-like, semi-double deep red flowers, bushy plants CS
TR-8340'Gold' propeller-like, semi-double golden yellow flowers, bushy plants CS
TR-8350'Mahogany' propeller-like, semi-double reddish brown flowers, bushy plants CS
TR-8365'Rose' propeller-like, semi-double rosy red flowers, bushy plants CS
TR-8370'Scarlet' propeller-like, semi-double scarlet flowers, bushy plants CS
TR-8380'Tangerine' propeller-like, semi-double reddish orange flowers, bushy plants CS
TR-8399'Formula Mixture' of six separate colours, superb CS
TR-8400'Field Grown Mixture' rounded spurless flowers in full range of colours, outstanding CS
'Ladybird' series
TR-8769'Mix' (SAHIN 2010) mix of the separate Ladybird colours CS
TR-8770'Ladybird' (SAHIN 1998) eye catching orange-yellow flowers with bright red markings CS
TR-8771'Cream Purple Spot' (SAHIN 2009) eye catching flowers, cream with purple spots, compact plants CS
Miscellaneous compact varieties
TR-8585'Salmon Baby' reselected dark-leaved variety with bright salmon-rose flowers, a good contrast CS
TR-9110'Black Velvet' (SAHIN 2002) velvety-black flowers, unique colour in Nasturtium CS
TR-9115'Empress of India' a classic, dark foliage, brilliant crimson-scarlet flowers of outstanding quality, reselected CS
TR-9210'Banana Cream' (SAHIN 2010) topflowering with golden yellow flowers fading to a creamy yellow CS
TR-9240'Princess of India' (SAHIN 2007) superb compact plants with dark foliage, brilliant scarlet flowers CS
TR-MIX0'Sahin's Rumba' (SAHIN 2012) mix of darkleaved, compact varieties CS
TR-MIX0'Sahin's Paso Doble' (SAHIN 2012) great colour combination of topflowering varieties CS
TR-MIX0'Sahin's Bolero' (SAHIN 2012) fruity combination of spurless varieties CS
TR-MIX0'Sahin's Tango' (SAHIN 2012) sweet colour mixture of spurless varieties CS

TWEEDIA coerulea
Syn. Oxypetalum caeruleum
TW-5000'Heavenly Blue' (SAHIN 1986) improved form with aquamarine flowers, long flowering season

URSINIA anethoides
(Star of the Veld)
UR-2100 bright orange flowers with conspicuous black blotches at the base of the petals, compact CS

VENIDIUM fastuosum
(Monarch of the Veld)
Syn. Arctotis fastuosa
VE-1990'Orange Prince' (Bodger) AAS-1933, silky foliage, bright orange flowers, black central ring, easy to grow
VE-2000'Zulu Prince' (SAHIN 1987) silky foliage, silvery-white flowers with black central ring

VERBASCUM phoeniceum
VE-3760'Antique Rose' (SAHIN 2005) soft purplish rose, quick to flower, long blooming perennial
VE-3775'White Bride' pure white selection, quick to flower, long blooming perennial

VERBENA hastata
VE-6300'Pink Spires' (SAHIN 2004) deep pink flowers borne on well branched spikes flower over long period

VERBENA xhybrida
(Florist's Verbena)
VE-5550'Peaches & Cream' (SAHIN 1992) AAS, FS-GM 1992, AGM, unique, orange to peach flowers.

VERBENA rigida
VE-6450'Touch of Style' (SAHIN 2006) intense violet-blue flowers on branching plants, heat tolerant, long flowering

VERBENA tenuisecta
'Desert Jewels' series
VE-6500'Mixed' (SAHIN 2011) widest colour range in the market incl. reds, purples, roses, blues and white

VIGNA caracalla
(Snail Flower)
Syn. Phaseolus caracalla
VI-0500 dark green leaves, curiously spiralled white and mauve flowers look like snails, limited supplies

VIOLA cornuta
'Sahin's' small-flowered varieties
VI-8246'Chicky Chicks' (SAHIN 2008) mix of all xwill. hybrids incl. bicolours and unusual colours, striking contrasts
VI-8250'Sweeties' (SAHIN 2005) unique mixture of small, bicoloured flowers on compact plants
'Floral Power' series, early upright, compact, daylight-neutral
VI-8399'Formula Mixture F1' (SAHIN 2008) early, compact and upright, very floriferous
VI-8481'Stone Washed Denim F1' (SAHIN 2008) jeans-like blue shades
'Four Seasons' series F1 hybrids pendula-types
VI-1799'Formula Mixture F1' (SAHIN 2002) good mixture of all the robust, long-flowering varieties
'Carpet' series F1 hybrids, mat forming varieties
VI-1607'Bright Yellow F1' (SAHIN 2003) flowers bright yellow with paler wings
VI-1608'Gold F1' (SAHIN 2004) bright golden flowers
VI-1609'Gold Eye Cream F1' (SAHIN 2003) pale cream flowers with rich yellow centres
VI-1611'Lemon Wing Yellow F1' (SAHIN 2003) flowers yellow with lemon-yellow wings
VI-1612'Lilac Wing Yellow F1' (SAHIN 1999) yellow with lilac wings the prototype of the carpet-forming habit
VI-1613'Purple Wing Blue F1' (SAHIN 2003) blue with purple wings
VI-1675'Indigo Wing Blue 2006 F1' (SAHIN 2006) early, floriferous, lavender-blue flowers with indigo-blue wings
VI-1676'Purple Wing Yellow 2006 F1' (SAHIN 2006) early, floriferous, flowers yellow with contrasting purple wings
VI-1677'Blue Purple Wing 2008 F1' (SAHIN 2008) early, floriferous, blue flowers with purple wing
VI-1679'Yellow Mahogany Wing 2008 F1' (SAHIN 2008) early, floriferous, yellow with mahogany wing
VI-1680'White Yellow Eye 2008 F1' (SAHIN 2008) early, floriferous, white with a yellow eye, excellent for spring
'Hobbit' series F1 hybrids
VI-1903'Antique Rose Golden Eye F1' (SAHIN 2005) FS-Q 2005, antique rose with golden centre
VI-1905'Bilbo F1' (SAHIN 2003) grape-coloured wings with yellow centre and dark blotch
VI-1910'Frodo F1' (SAHIN 2003) light blue with yellow centre, strong blotch, becoming greenish
VI-1915'Pippin F1' (SAHIN 2003) charming bronzy green with blotch, turning bronzy blue
VI-1920'Sam F1' (SAHIN 2003) excellent deep blue with blotch, retains colour with age, excellent variety
VI-1928'Cream Yellow Lip F1' (SAHIN 2003) bright cream with golden eye, stands out
VI-1931'Ice Blue F1' (SAHIN 2004) a unique cool colour, attractive
VI-1941'Pure White F1' (SAHIN 2005) immaculate white blooms cover the plants
VI-1942'Yellow F1' (SAHIN 2003) bright yellow flowers, excellent winter performance
VI-1949'Formula Mixture F1' (SAHIN 2003) a blend of unique separate colours of mound forming habit, for containers
Large-flowered varieties
VI-2078'Brush Strokes' (SAHIN 2006) mix of historic pansies each with distinct face overlaid with multicoloured stripes
VI-2080'Historic Florist Pansies Mixed' (SAHIN 2002) flowers with distinct faces, unique blend

VIOLA corsica
(Corsican Pansy)
VI-1280'Bastian Blue' (SAHIN 2005) compact plants with deep green foliage produce bright blue flowers in abundance

VIOLA mandshurica
VI-1370'Fuji Dawn' (SAHIN 2000) pink and white variegated leaves in spring, purple Violet-type flowers, unique

VIOLA xwittrockiana
'Spring Parade' series large sized flowers
VI-5860'Black Devil' (SAHIN 1986) coal-black flowers, true stock, reselected
VI-5962'Romeo & Juliet' (SAHIN 1994) unique mixture of a wide range of pastels, a favourite
'Summer Paradise' series large flowered pansies, early
VI-3566'Campfire' (SAHIN 2010) mixture of burning reds, golden yellows to warm brown shades
VI-3572'Summer Berries' (SAHIN 2011) a mixture of bicolours and picotees in cream, soft yellow, pinks and purples
VI-3574'Stormy Skies' (SAHIN 2011) mixture of bicolours in blue and yellow shades
'Swiss Giant' series large flowered, mid-season
VI-5205'Alpenglow' mahogany to scarlet-red colours with dark blotches
VI-5225'Coronation Gold' (S&G) AAS-1938, pure golden yellow
VI-5235'Laura' raspberry-rose with dark blotches
VI-5270'Silverbride' white with violet-purple blotches
VI-5280'Ullswater' gentian-blue with dark blotches
VI-5300'Field Grown Mixture' of all colours
Miscellaneous varieties and mixtures
VI-5232'Gemmi' (SAHIN 2002) flowers of rich dark purple surrounded by a neat and narrow white edge, unique
VI-6299'Clear Crystal Formula Mixture' complete range of clear colours without blotches

VISCARIA oculata
Dwarf varieties
VI-9410'Blue Angel' (SAHIN 1983) tufted upright habit, masses of clear blue flowers, uniform, showy
VI-9435'Rose Angel' (SAHIN 1983) similar to the above, bright rose flowers with dark eyes
VI-9445'Patio Mixture' (SAHIN 1999) a flamboyant mixture of heavenly colours, unique
VI-9450'Angel Mixed' (SAHIN 2010) clean and fresh mix of blue, rose and white

(Night Phlox)
ZA-1000'Midnight Candy' (SAHIN 1990) white flowers, powerfully fragrant at night, charming along paths

ZEA mays
ZE-0675'Baby Fingers Blue' (SAHIN 1993) unique blue-seeded miniature corn
ZE-0685'Baby Fingers Pink' (SAHIN 1994) miniature corn with pink seeds
ZE-1100'Japonica' (SAHIN 1992) select stock of variegated foliage corn, excellent as accent plants for bedding
ZE-1500'Golden Berries' rounded cobs of hard golden-yellow seeds, suitable for drying
ZE-1525'Indian Berries' (SAHIN 1997) multicoloured rounded cobs, unique new selection, fresh or dry

ZINNIA elegans
'California Giants' series
ZI-4100'Field Grown Mixture' of all colours
Dahlia-flowered series
ZI-4215'Canary Bird' canary-yellow, vigorous plants with large rounded fully double flowers
ZI-4217'Coral Beauty' coral-rose, vigorous plants with large rounded fully double flowers
ZI-4225'Envy' unusual green colour, vigorous plants with large rounded fully double flowers
ZI-4230'Exquisite' light rose with deeper rose centre, vigorous plants with large rounded fully double flowers
ZI-4235'Golden State' golden orange in bud, changing to deep orange, large rounded fully double flowers
ZI-4245'Illumination' deep rose, vigorous plants with large rounded fully double flowers
ZI-4250'Isabellina' creamy-yellow, vigorous plants with large rounded fully double flowers
ZI-4255'Luminosa' bright pink, vigorous plants with large rounded fully double flowers
ZI-4260'Meteor' rich deep red, darkest of all reds, vigorous plants with large rounded fully double flowers
ZI-4270'Oriole' orange and gold bicolour, vigorous plants with large rounded fully double flowers
ZI-4275'Purple Prince' deep purple, vigorous plants with large rounded fully double flowers
ZI-4285'Scarlet Flame' bright scarlet, vigorous plants with large rounded fully double flowers
ZI-4300'Field Grown Mixure' of all colours
Miscellaneous varieties and mixtures
ZI-5099'Candy Cane Reselected Mixture' good colour range, high percentage of striped and mottled flowers
ZI-6600'Pulcino Field Grown Mixture' of all separate colours, full colour range
ZI-6800'Thumbelina Mixture' (Bodger) AAS-1963, field grown mixture of lilliput-type flowers
ZI-9000'All Sorts Mixture' (SAHIN 1996) a comprehensive assortment of different types, forms and colours

ZINNIA haageana
ZI-8525'Chippendale' mahogany and orange shades with golden markings, single blooms
ZI-8550'Old Mexico' (Ferry Morse) AAS-1962, mahogany red with golden tips
ZI-8585'Jazzy Mixture' (SAHIN 2009) bright blooms with closely set attractive bicolour petals long flowering

ZINNIA tenuiflora
ZI-8980'Red Spider' (SAHIN 1993) upright habit, single spider-like, bright red flowers, long flowering season


ZZ-0420'Bird Garden' (SAHIN 1992) selected flowering plants which provide bird food
ZZ-0520'Butterfly Garden' (SAHIN 1992) of flowering plants that are particularly attracting insects
ZZ-0720'Edible Flower Garden' (SAHIN 1992) a mixture of carefully selected plants with edible flowers
ZZ-0920'Fragrant Garden' (SAHIN 1992) a wide range of the most fragrant flowers and foliage in your garden

ZZ-2220'Pastel Garden' (SAHIN 1990) a blend of cream, yellow, apricot, peach and salmon summer flowers

ZZ-4051'Eastern Mysteries Mixture' most tranquil colours, getting brighter with age, bright reds, salmons and violets
ZZ-4052'European Short Mixture' fragrances, shapes and colours of the Mediterranean interest for night and day
ZZ-4057'North American Mixture' a selection of North American plants, bright and colourful
ZZ-8065'Californian Wildflowers' a mixture of Californian wildflowers for direct sowing

ZZ-4054'Fairy Mixture' (SAHIN 2007) dwarf mixture flowering within eight weeks from seed
ZZ-8110'Instant Perennial Mixture' a broad assortment of first year flowering perennials